This Couple Are Giving Us Major Obama Nostalgia With Their Proposal Photos

It’s been six months since the Obamas left the White House, and we’re still not over it.

We were captivated by the relatability of the 44th President, his wife First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters Malia and Sasha over the years. But what gets to us even more than seeing vacation pictures were those shots of Barack and Michelle together, as a loving couple. Their relationship has been immortalized on social media through hashtags (remember #BringBackObama?) and social media posts.

The latest nostalgic pictures that the internet is fawning over didn’t even come from the Obamas themselves. Instead, one newly engaged couple were so inspired by the Obamas that they used the former First Couple as inspiration for their engagement photo shoot.

According to Essence, newly engaged couple Cassi and Adam modeled their engagement photos after the former first couple. The photos are reminiscent of some of the most iconic moments the couple has shared. The photographer, Cleveland wedding photographer Natasha Herbert, shared some of Cassi and Adam’s outtakes of their presidential shoot.

When the couple first approached Herbert about reenacting some of the Obamas’ most iconic romantic moments, she was ecstatic. She suggested that instead of simply duplicating just a few of the shots, Herbert helped them to create an entire photo shoot reenacting the Obamas’ love.

Cassi and Adam’s presidentital photoshoot includes reminiscing shots from throughout the Obamas’ own love story: their October 2016 Essence cover, their embrace before the March 2009 National Newspaper Publishers Association reception, even their embrace while taping the 2015 World Expo in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.


Though the Obamas have left office, the love that so many have for the former first couple is one that we will surely remember for years to come, as it continues to inspire our own love lives.

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