How To FINALLY Get Yourself To Drink More Water

While that old rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day is basically made up (a lot of factors go into determining how much water your body needs, including lifestyle and climate), water is crucial for your health in many ways. Still, despite being told ad nauseam to “remember to drink more water,” it’s all too easy for other things (kombucha, matcha, coffee) to get in the way.

We get it — we’re all guilty of prioritizing a soda or hot drink over water — but it’s time we finally make a change and give our bodies the H2O they deserve. In the spirit of starting anew (and avoiding boredom), we’re rounding up our favorite, super easy tricks for drinking more water. From scheduling alerts on your phone to trying flavored water like Hint, it’s actually way easier than you think. Ahead, your new go-to guide for staying hydrated.

Track your intake on your phone.

Chances are you’re glued to your phone 24/7 anyway, so why not use it to help monitor your water intake, too? The Waterlogged app, available on iPhone and Android devices, makes logging every ounce you drink a breeze. It even has a chart that’s updated in real time to show you how close you are to reaching your goals.

Day Logger, Inc. Waterlogged, available at the App Store or Google Play.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

Add some flavor for not-so-basic water.

Let’s be real: Compared to other beverages, water can be pretty…bland. While you could take the time to infuse your own ingredients to make it more exciting, Hint water is a faster alternative that comes naturally flavored without any added sugar or sketchy sweeteners. There’s even a Hint subscription service that conveniently delivers cases of more than 20 different flavors right to your door. To give Hint a try, use this link to get 30% off three cases of your favorite flavors.

Hint Water, $39.00 for 3 Cases of 12 16 oz. Bottles, available at Hint.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

Invest in a bold water bottle.

Sometimes all we really need is a little visual motivation. Packing a colorful, sustainable water bottle (and refilling it throughout the day) might be the key to finally getting your recommended dose of H2O.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

Opt for a fridge- and table-friendly water-filter pitcher.

If tap water isn’t your thing, consider getting a stylish filter pitcher that’ll keep your water fresh-tasting and look good on your dining table.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

Take the 30-day gallon of water challenge.

Channel your competitive spirit by committing to drinking a gallon of water a day for a month. While the benefits vary per person, many claim to have noticed higher energy levels and a glowing complexion over time. To make things less intimidating, personalize your gallon jug with words of affirmation and hourly “deadlines” to keep you on track.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

Set literal reminders.

Setting an alarm on your phone or computer every few hours is a simple solve to remind yourself to drink more water. Label each with a dedicated emoji and mantra to keep yourself inspired.

Illustrated by Daiana Ruiz.

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