Don't Let Trump Distract You — These Are The Issues To Keep Watching

America Uprising Trailer

To many Americans, the Trump administration has eroded the civil rights of vulnerable citizens across the country, from threatening to repeal DACA to relentlessly undermining abortion access. And while these vital struggles are sometimes lost in the dizzying blur of absurd Tweets or endless White House scandals, the battle of resisting this administration’s actions continues to be fought every day by people on activism’s front-lines.

America Uprising, a documentary series spotlighting the social and economic crises shaping the resistance, is taking a closer look at the agitators, organizers, and tireless dissenters who aren’t backing down. An emotional portrait of a nation in turmoil, America Uprising ‘s 8-episode series takes us inside the world of families fighting Trump’s Muslim Ban, or standing resolutely against the Dakota Access Pipeline, to name just a few.

Press play above to catch a first peek at their remarkable stories.

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