This New Lipstick Trend Will Convert Any Gloss Lover

If you wear lip products, chances are you fall squarely in one of two camps: Lipstick or lip gloss. Party lines are rarely crossed, but there’s a new hybrid formula poised to change all that: lip vinyl.

Far shinier than its stick-form sister, but way less sticky than your standard gloss, lip vinyl can be found in both liquid and bullet varieties. The overall finish is similar to its namesake material, vinyl, meaning you’ll be left with a reflective glaze of pigment. (Picture the sheen of a fresh Krispy Kreme.)

We’re calling it: this universally-appealing formula will be the “It” lip of summer. (Case in point: Too Faced, predictor of all trends, has one launching this June.) Get ahead of the curve by shopping our top picks, below.


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