This Is When Stranger Things Will Come To An End

There are certain shows that we don’t want to end — even if we’re eager to see our characters ride off into a well-deserved sunset after seasons of strife. When it comes to Stranger Things, however, these characters are just getting started on their journey — which is why it’s pretty alarming that star David Harbour already knows when Stranger Things will end.

In an interview with TVLine, Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper on the Netflix series, revealed that the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer already know when the sci-fi show will bow out. While Harbour didn’t dish the particular season the Stephen King-inspired story will conclude, it sounds like it won’t be that far into the future. Harbour told TVLine that the show won’t go on nearly as long as a series like The Walking Dead, which will enter its eighth season this October.

“There is an end to all these characters,” Harbour revealed to the outlet. “We’re going to give you something fun and then we’re going to get out before we’ve worn out our welcome. We have a specific story that we’re going to tell.”

If one can already see the ending of Stranger Things, that means it’s likely not too far off — though we won’t know for sure until the Duffer brothers confirm it.

For now, we can at least look forward to the show’s sophomore season, which begins streaming on Netflix October 27. Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas on the series, told The Huffington Post that the show will be even scarier this time around:

“I think Season 2 is a lot different. And it’s gonna be better and darker, and you get more into the characters instead of like last season, so that’s the good part about it.”

The only bad part? The closer we get to season 2, the sooner we get to the end of Stranger Things.

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