These Photos Of Justin Trudeau Taking His Kid To Work Are Canadian Cuteness

Another day, another photo from over the border featuring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that gives us life. On Wednesday, Trudeau had a special guest on the job: is son, Hadrien Trudeau, went with him to work. Hadrien, who is three, kept his father company during the day, accompanying dad to meetings and for a photo op with the press. The younger Trudeau even took a minute to check in on his smartphone while seated at his father’s desk.

Trudeau’s Facebook post reminded more than one commenter of similar visits to the office that Justin Trudeau made with his father, Pierre. “This reminds me of long ago pictures of your dad and you when he would have you with him at work,” wrote Marg Elliot. “Beautiful boy, loving son, principled leader.”

The photos blew others away with overwhelming adorability. “Eeek! Too much Canadian cuteness!” posted Eileen Jones Riley.

It was Trudeau’s, ahem, other assets as a leader that captivated more than one person on Facebook. “Okay am sorry. But am I the only one who notices his wholesome butt,” one user asked. “Justin Trudeau, you truely do have a rather nice bottom,” wrote another.

It wasn’t just Canadians swooning over the post, either. People elsewhere around their world expressed their PM-envy, many simply saying they are ready to pack up and move to Canada.

Will Hadrien follow in his father and his grandfather’s footsteps and become Prime Minister? Time will tell on that one, but he obviously does share some of his father’s passions. For his big adventure at the seat of power in Ottawa, Hadrien sported a Star Wars t-shirt. Earlier this month, father Justin Trudeau rocked some Star Wars socks in honor of May 4th, the unofficial Star Wars holiday.

The force is strong with this family.

Sometimes enough is enough and you just can’t take any more questions from the press.

You never know who you’re going to run into when you are roaming the halls of power with your father. You also never know when you’re going to have to be camera ready.

Are they racing to a meeting? Or are they hurrying to the loo?

This is an officially-sanctioned Canadian game of Hide and Seek.

We all need to stay connected in our fast-paced world, even if you don’t always sit at the Prime Minister’s desk to do it.

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