The Relaxing Nighttime Skin-Care Routine I Swear By

When I go home after a long day of shooting videos for Refinery29, I try to make my studio apartment feel like my own personal spa. I drop my things, put on comfy clothes, and spend the next few hours relaxing and processing the day I just had.

Most nights, I like to take a walk around my neighborhood to clear my head, but on really frigid nights, I slink into a hot bath instead. I’ll then take my makeup off, shower, and settle in for a 10-minute face mask. While each night is a little different, I often cook myself dinner, prepare my coffee for the following morning, watch some TV to get inspired, and even squeeze in a short guided meditation practice using Headspace.

Click ahead to watch my entire nighttime routine — and shop a few of my favorite products.

Press play to see a typical night of mine in action. And don’t forget to comment with your go-to bedtime skincare routine tips.

“It’s the time I’ve been waiting for since the moment I walked out of the house: washing my face.”

Clinique, $19, available at Clinique

“I love giving my face a good scrub and getting the day off.”

Murad, $30, available at DermStore

“Next, it’s time to wash my body, but I don’t wash my hair every day. I only wash it every three to four days, so I threw on a shower cap and got in the shower.”

Shhhower Cap, $43, available at Shhhower Cap

“When I get out of the shower it’s time to do something therapeutic for my face, so I usually do a nighttime face mask. I have a ton of masks I love but one of my favorites is this turmeric cranberry mask from Kiehl’s. I put it on and leave it for five to 10 minutes and chill in the bathroom while it does its magic.”

Kiehl’s, $32, available at Kiehl’s

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