The Raddest Rainbow Hair Looks At Coachella

Coachella will never not be the place to try the daring trends that give you pause in your real life — and this year was no exception. Walking the fields every day, we saw no fewer than 10 pairs of ass-less chaps, Beyoncé’s makeup artist told us he loves the boldness of the glitter highlighter look worn all over the grounds, and every time we turned around there was another modern take on rainbow hair. It’s safe to say that the urge to experiment is in the water here.

From pastel washes (thank Lucy Hale) to technicolor wigs, there were countless ways to sport colorful hair on display this first weekend. It was clear that some planned their looks far in advance — standouts included bright pops woven into box braids and light pink and purple allover color — but the most popular look was a misting of spray color… and we know why.

Sephora, for the second year in a row, set up a free beauty tent that attracted attendees with its makeup bars and blasting AC. Numerous girls walked out of the tent with a whisper of color in their hair throughout the weekend, which makes sense, because Hush, a brand that makes dope color sprays that feel soft, not chalky, was set up inside. The brand’s Prism Airbrush Spray comes in seven colors, like purple, pink, and blue, and gives any texture a subtle hit of color, which meant that even those who didn’t think ahead could get in on the colorful action.

Click ahead for a look at some of our favorite colorful hairstyles spotted over the weekend.

Not to self: Buy that shake-n-go wig you’ve always wanted, because you will have a reason to wear it next year.

Color-spiked box braids were wildly popular again this year — and even better when done in spring-y shades of pink, green, and purple.

Spray, like the Hush formula, makes getting subtle color at the last minute easy.

Most attendees opted for pink tips from the Sephora tent, but we love this take on pink roots, too.

This dreamy shade makes us yearn for a tropical vacation — or is it the desert dust? Either way…

This rooted look is giving us modern vibes.

We spotted this festival goer from across the installations and, quite literally, sprinted to see her hair. Tip: Pick two colors that are also present in your outfit for a coordinated look.

We fell for this girl’s pink wash of color from a few meters away — and it’s just as good close up. You’ll need a bleach job first (unless you’re a natural blonde), but once you’re light, the colors are endless.

Another example of how matching your ‘do and outfit can take the whole look to the next level.

We also recommend matching your hair and sunnies, like this woman did on Sunday.

Once you get over the megawatt glow, your eyes can fully take in the dreamy pink hair.

Another great example of what a spray can do: add just enough color to make you do a second take.

Washes of pale pink were huge this year…

With or without a root, the look was trending like crazy.

Go bold with a hot pink shade of spray. Hush’s on-site brand rep said that the pigment washes out of brown and black hair immediately, but it might take two to three washes to remove bold colors from naturally-blond or bleached hair. (Say it with us now: “Oh this faint hue? Just my Coachella vibes fading through the week.”)

Travel and accommodations were provided by Sephora for the purpose of writing this story.

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