The "Clothes Hanger" Beauty Blogger Is Back With A Super Inspiring Makeup Tutorial

By now, most of us know that the comments section under YouTube videos (and everywhere else for that matter) are where good manners go to die. While sure there may be a few polite exchanges, they’re usually peppered among an onslaught of hate and negativity.

As noted by Allure , one beauty blogger, Khloe Dosh posted an inspiring message calling out haters and encouraging bloggers and other wannabe YouTube stars to ignore it the noise.

“I use to be a big girl,” Dosh began in the heartfelt caption. “My whole life growing up I hated taking pictures, I hated family events, I hated anything that would force me to see myself. Back then I thought that the person I was on the outside was what would open doors for me, find me love, show my talent, etc. But you get older, you get wiser and realize people don’t change.”

In case you forgot, earlier this May the vlogger went viral after posting her “cut-crease” hack, which just so happened to use a plastic hanger. It was genius.

In this current post, Dosh is seen applying makeup to fellow beauty blogger ChaseMUA. In the video ChaseMUA’s face lightens up (from within, but yes with a little highlighter, too) as Dosh gives her the full treatment.

“They get meaner they get angrier they get more ignorant. What changes is how you feel about yourself,” Dosh continued. “Being bigger doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You’re not ‘pretty for a big girl’ or ‘sexy for a big girl.’ You’re just beautiful and sexy for a human being. Change when you want to change, on your own time. You are the leader on your journey. I went so many years scared to do something I loved because I was afraid of myself, honestly.”

Check out the rest of Dosh’s inspiring message below alongside the video.

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