The Best Unexpected Lip Colors for Brown Skin

Lipstick plays a special role in every lady’s life, whether she is a certified beauty junkie or wants to find that perfect color for an event.

A certain shade can “yay or nay” your entire makeup look and serve as an unspoken accessory to outfits depending on tone and texture! “There are tons of out-of-the-norm color selections for brown skin girls these days,” says beauty vlogger and Sephora Senior Artist Terry Gomez.

VIDEO: The Hottest Lipstick Trends Through the Decades

Like most make-up lovers of the millennial generation, we have all grown fond, but a bit tired, of the traditional red, nude and even plum lip colors–we need more! The world may not know, but there are tons of unconventional choices ripe for the picking and waiting to be explored.

Check out these eccentric lip colors that look amazing against brown skin, and be ready to start your morning conversations with, “Girl, where did you get that lipstick from?”


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