The Bachelorette's Two Worst Dudes Are Fighting

In a race to the bottom of the boyfriend barrel, two of the most irritating suitors on The Bachelorette are now in a battle of words. Lucas Yancey and Chad Johnson, perhaps better known as The Whaboom Guy and Evil Chad respectively, appear to be having a tiff about ownership of the legal trademark for Yancey’s catchphrase.

It started when Johnson told Entertainment Tonight that he had purchased the trademark to “Whaboom.” Johnson claims he filed for the trademark then reached out to sell it to Yancey. Johnson’s idea was to “double his money.” He told ET that he dropped the idea when he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth his time after he decided that Yancey didn’t understand the process. Johnson says the process would have taken three or four months and by that time, he says, no one would care about Yancey anyway.

Yancey has a different view of how this whole ridiculous thing went down. Yancey told radio host Domenick Nati that he has owned the trademark to “Whaboom” for three years. He said that he “knows everything about trademarking” and that Johnson is just “a bad person.” To underscore the wackiness that is this guy, he also told Nati that he and Rachel Lindsay didn’t have the “whaboomness” to make love work and he hopes to keep the “whaboom alive.”

Obviously, neither Johnson nor Yancey were ever “there for the right reasons” on their seasons of The Bachelorette. Hey, that’s okay, everyone has to make a living, right? Johnson’s going on Famously Single next (even though he arguably isn’t either) and Yancey wants to appear on Dancing With The Stars. The sheer meta-lunacy of two reality TV guys fighting about who owns the trademark to a whole lot of nonsense is nonsense itself. It doesn’t matter who is telling the truth here. In fact, they both could be. Maybe Johnson trademarked “Whaboom” while Yancey holds the rights to “Whaaaboooom.” The real question is, “If a whaboom falls on the internet and no one is there to see it, did it even ever happen?”

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