The 6 Coolest Summer Haircuts Coming Out of L.A. Right Now

The wavy lob is as essential to California culture as hiking, In-N-Out, and complaining about traffic on the 405. But the most in-demand L.A. stylists are starting to introduce some more fresh, versatile haircuts into the fold — and this summer is the perfect time to try them. Ready to chop off all those long layers? Opt for a curly shag, a blunt bob, or the cool, grown-out pixie. Married to your length? Try the modern “Bardot” cut, created by Sal Salcedo, which features soft layering and feathery face-framing bangs.

Ahead, we’re breaking down the six hottest hair trends sweeping L.A. right now. More than just photo inspiration, you’ll find out exactly what you should ask for and how to style it on your own hair type and texture. So, even if your go-to salon is thousands of miles outside of the city of angels, take this to your next appointment and everyone will be asking: ” Where do you get your hair done?”

Dramatic, Blunt Bobs

Stylist: Sal Salcedo, Co-Owner of Nova Arts Salon

What to ask for: A blunt bob with internal layers

“This haircut is going so strong this season and I don’t see it stopping any time soon,” says Salcedo. “It’s the most liberating and, in my experience, it usually comes as a byproduct of a big life transformation.” Salcedo explains that lots of L.A. women choose to chop their hair off after a major change, like a big career move or a breakup, and he loves helping them usher in a new sense of self. “So much energy gets released when girls chop their old hair off,” he says.

For the cut itself, Salcedo says that the exact length will vary on different faces, falling somewhere between the chin and the shoulder. “Depending on face shape, anywhere between lip to right above the shoulders is great,” he says.

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

Another example of Salcedo’s work, this blunt cut falls right around the chin. What makes this style a no-brainer is the versatility. The pieces around the crown of the head can be swept to either side for a casual look, parted precisely for a more sophisticated finish, or slicked back into the chic and modern “wet” style.

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

Celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen gave supermodel Jourdan Dunn a piece-y version of the blunt bob, texturized with loose waves and parted straight-down-the-middle.

The “Bardot”

What to ask for: A mid-length haircut with soft layering, plus face-framing bangs that start at the cheekbones

“The Bardot-inspired look is reminiscent of the playful ’60s era,” says Salcedo. “Many are asking for this look because it’s easy and fun, cute and sexy at the same time.” The stylist says that the face-framing pieces act as low-maintenance bangs that don’t require the commitment or upkeep. “The style suits all hair lengths and types,” Salcedo says of the cut’s versatility. “It’s definitely a noncommittal [look], perfect for the girl that wants a new hairstyle without compromising much length.”

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

Salcedo shows that adding some layers (and spritzing on a good root-lifting spray) creates incredible body and fullness, lending it that Brigitte Bardot-esque vibe.

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

Teisha Williams shows that strategic layers and face-framing bangs look incredible on curly hair, too. The one constant of this look, regardless of texture or length, is a strong center part.


Grown-Out Pixie

Stylist: Riawna Capri, Co-owner + Celebrity Hair Stylist of Nine Zero One

What to ask for: A textured pixie

Capri says that the super short pixie cut is trendy again in L.A. “We’ve been getting a ton of requests for Ruby Rose’s new cut,” Capri says, adding that, like a blunt bob, it offers freedom in styling. “This is a growing trend, which I believe comes from people wanting the freedom of short hair, and the versatility that comes with it. You can easily style the hair in many different looks, whether you flip it from side to side, angled back, or forward, and you can easily switch it up every time with minimal effort.”

Capri also cites Kate Hudson’s new style as perfect pixie inspiration. Adding a little texture and multi-dimensional color makes the short style come alive.


Celebrity stylist Anh Co Tran shows how cool a grown-out pixie can be. Ask for longer, unfussy pieces on top, and keep the sides short and groomed with a great pomade.


Curly Shags

Stylist: Sal Salcedo, Co-Owner of Nova Arts Salon

What to ask for: A piece-y bob shag cut with shattered layers

“This style is perfect for girls with natural texture in their hair,” says Salcedo, adding that L.A. girls are referencing the vintage “shag” as inspiration. “I am having more and more girls asking for that ’80s shaggy feel. The goal is to look easy and lived in, embracing the natural textures.”

As for styling, Salcedo says the cut lends itself to a less-is-more shampoo schedule. “Going a few days without shampooing is good for giving the style more grit,” he explains. To get your curls to hold, Salcedo recommends adding a light mousse or a salt spray to damp hair and letting it air dry.

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

For a more modern take on the shag trend, add a micro bang. LA-based stylist at Ramirez Tran Salon, Keary Bladel shaped this textured, chin-length bob; grown-out roots only add to the effortless vibe of the style.


Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew says that the shag-like, angled cut is perfect for curls. “The choppy, uneven, angled haircut shows your face, which gives the look a more modern edge,” she says. “I use a razor for this cut because it leaves the ends messy and uneven.” She recommends keeping your bangs on the longer side if you have natural hair.

Courtesy of Takisha Sturdivant

Geometric, Chin-Length Cuts

Stylist: Garren, Celebrity Stylist and Co-Founder of R+Co

What to ask for: A clean, straight-across bob

“Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of haircuts with hair down to the chin,” says Garren. “The look is very geometric and square; it’s not short in the back and long in the front.” For styling the cut, Garren recommends using R+Co’s Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion, which gives the hair some texture throughout the midlengths and ends. “For this look, the hair is separated and slick at the roots and piece-y at the bottom,” Garren says. “When speaking with your stylist, tell them that it is a combination of a scissor and razor cut. The look is clean and dead straight, and the shortness of the look is what makes it cool.”


You don’t want to add too much layering into the cut — maintaining some weight and straight edges will keep the style from going fluffy, says Garren. But, if you’re trying to achieve more undone texture and body, you can add a mousse or salt spray.


Long Layers

Stylist: Sal Salcedo, Co-Owner of Nova Arts Salon

What to ask for: A chest-length cut with choppy layers and weight taken out

“This cut is as low maintenance as it gets,” says Salcedo, recommending it for the girl who’s married to her length but wants a wash ‘n go lifestyle. “The haircut should be done dry to appreciate the natural fall of the hair; the layers should be cut based on that,” Salcedo explains. “The weight removal here is key, since not all parts of the head grow the same amount of hair. The goals is to distribute the weight evenly [so] you can bring out the hair’s natural texture.”

For the gritty, Cali-cool hair flip seen here, Salcedo recommends spraying on a salt spray when the hair is wet and finishing with a texturizing spray when it’s dry

Courtesy of Sal Salcedo

You can also style the look with a strong center part. To get that undone piece-y texture, Salcedo recommends spraying your ends with salt spray.


Curly haired girls like Asia Jackson benefit from a few long layers toward the ends, which keep spirals looking full and defined.


This cut, a little below the shoulders with some long layers throughout, is growing in popularity all over L.A. Buddy Porter, stylist at Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills, says it’s by-far his most requested cut. “It’s versatile enough to wear it multiple ways: straight, wavy, messy, half up, half down, and it’s extremely easy to flip your part and have fun with it,” he explains. Plus, adding a pop of pale pink color makes this style stand out.

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