COCOA BUTTER (deodorized)- 16 oz


COCOA BUTTER (deodorized)- 16 oz

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COCOA BUTTER (deodorized)- 16 oz

Endorsement: “I wanted to thank you for everything. The products are absolutely fantastic and they really make a difference. My skin feels wonderful. I looked around in a few stores here in New York and nothing even comes close.”

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

This product has the same characteristics as natural cocoa butter but has been “deodorized” (processed) and has little odor with a softness rating of 10.

Cocoa Butter is a yellowish vegetable fat most often used to soften and lubricate the skin. Although a solid at room temperature, Cocoa Butter melts on contact with the skin. That’s why it’s often used in lip balms and skin creams.

Cocoa Butter is a super emollient made during the manufacture of cocoa and chocolate. It comes in two forms, natural and deodorized. The natural Cocoa Butter has retained its chocolate scent , while the deodorized Cocoa Butter has much fainter aroma.

Today pregnant women across the world smooth Cocoa Butter on their bellies to help prevent and minimize stretch marks.

Although used to make hard soaps, too much Cocoa Butter will cause a soap to crack. Only about 15 percent Cocoa Butter (total fats and oils) should be used.

Cocoa Butter is not recommended for oily skin.

Common Uses of Cocoa Butter

  • Thickening agent in cosmetics
  • Mixed with natural oils
  • Balms, lotions, creams, lipsticks
  • Hard soaps
  • Food

Benefits of Cocoa Butter

  • Softens and protects dry, chapped skin
  • Treats skin irritations
  • Helps erase wrinkles on neck, around eyes and mouth
  • Aids to minimize stretch marks from pregnancy
  • Adds a firming agent to products




CAS NUMBER:8002-31-1




Test Methods


Physical status at 25C°




Acid value


AOCS Cd3a-63


Iodine value


AOCS Tg2a-64

30 – 45

Saponification value


ISO 3657-1988

185 – 200

Peroxide value


Internal method




AOCS 1a64-82


Unsaponifiable matter


Internal method


Pour point


ASTM D97-87

24 – 28

Melting point


AOCS Cc3-25

28 – 36

Fatty acids composition %(GLC):

Lauric acid



Myristic acid



Palmitic acid


25 – 35

Palmitoleic acid



Margaric acid



Margaroleic acid



Stearic acid


28 – 38

Oleic acid


29 – 41

Linoleic acid


2 – 14

Alpha-Linolenic acid



Arachidic acid



Eicosanic acid



Behenic acid



Erucic acid





This Cocoa Butter  is 100% pure with no added chemicals, scents, or preservatives. This auction is for refined off-white deodorized Cocoa Butter.

Please note that ABSOLUTELY NO SOLVENTS are used during the processing of any of the natural vegetable and fruit oils that I sell. All my products are either cold pressed or expeller pressed. The production process begins by mechanically pressing the seeds or pulp of the vegetable or fruit which results in the “crude” form of the oil with the distinctive odor and color of the raw material retained. As the standards for cosmetic, soap, toiletry, and food applications fall in a very narrow range, it is necessary to further process the crude form of the oil in order to correct any undesirable qualities in color, odor, or the amount of polar impurities.

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I am a small company that orginally made soaps and body and bath products. I found I could buy my oil, containers, and supplies in bulk and save tremendously. Obviously, I could not possibly use all the bulk products myself. So, I decided to pass the savings on to you. I specialize in cosmetic oils, bottles, and other products. I am very dedicated to supply the best quality for the best price. Also, I pride myself in customer care. I care that you get the best for less. If there are any problems, I try and resolve them quickly and efficiently and promise that I will do so to the best of my ability. However, I do need your help. If there are any problems, I cannot solve them if I am unaware of them. So, please, please contact me with any problems whatsoever. Thanks for your time and business. My customers are always a pleasure to me.

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