Powder Concealer, Mascara, & Lipstick Exist — & I Tried It All

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Marie Antoinette never really did say that the starving citizens of 18th-century France, in lieu of bread and other plain sustenance, should be permitted to eat cake; she did, however, live up to the other most common trope associated with her short life, which is that her beauty routine could rival a Kardashian’s in terms of sheer excess. A key part of that over-the-top regimen? Powder, and lots of it.

Hundreds of years have passed since Antoinette met her demise at the Place de la Concorde, but powder — at least since we stopped putting lead in it — hasn’t changed much. That is, until powder concealers, lipsticks, and mascaras started hitting shelves.

Recently, more and more brands have introduced innovative new takes on good ol’-fashioned powder. There’s a new concealer that transforms from a loose pigment to a cream once it hits your skin, lipsticks that look dry in the tube but glide on with the creaminess of a liquid, and foundations that promise to combine the best of powder and liquid formulations. But, as fun as these products may look in the package, are they the real deal, or about as legit as Antoinette’s misattributed response to the Flour War? I put a full face of powder makeup to the test to find out — check it out in the video above.

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