Let These Women Over 50 Show You How Style Only Gets Better with Age

Why bother with season after season of fashion trends when you know what works?

That’s the philosophy street style favorite Tziporah Salamon (above) evidently seems to follow. Known for always catching late photographer Bill Cunningham’s eye, the author and fashion lover has not only starred in Lanvin campaigns (hello, chic!) but is also the woman behind a new tome of images we cannot put down, The Art of Dressing: Ageless, Timeless, Original Style ($33; amazon.com).

So what’s so hot about the book? Basically, Salamon tapped 10 sublimely fabulous women over the age of 50 to offer a closer look at what goes into their decidedly ornate wardrobes. In the book, you’ll find images of their closets in addition to easy-to-follow tips on dressing for any and every occasion. Salamon also made sure to throw in the answers to questions we’ve all wondered: What really is an essential? Is this the right proportion? Does my new jacket need tailoring?

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Salamon herself is what we can only strive to look like on the daily, but the women she chose to profile also give each other a serious run for their sartorial money. All in all, we think it’s time to ditch our sneakers and, well, try a little harder.

Scroll down to see some of the must-know ladies features in The Art of Dressing.

Source: http://www.instyle.com/feeds/yahoo/ins.rss/galleries/10

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