Is This What The iPhone 8 Will Look Like?

Let’s put all the rumors to rest: Even without a release date, speculation surrounding the new iPhone 8 has been flying around the internet since the release of the iPhone 7. Forbes is now confirming the phone’s final look — and the magazine isn’t using hints or leaked info. Instead, using CAD (computer-aided design) files from a company that makes iPhone cases, writer Gordon Kelly pieced together what should be the final product from Apple.

Kelly used information gathered from Apple’s supply chain and case maker Nodus to render the new phone, which ends up having a slew of features that consumers have been expecting from the company.

For one, the home button is gone and the phone will grow to a larger 5.8 inches. The front-facing camera will sit up at the top of the phone alongside a bevy of sensors, making for a very clean design that also does away with hard edges and bezels.

As for the back of the smartphone, Apple is swapping out its horizontal flash-camera orientation for a vertical one. Forbes notes that this could be due to a push for augmented reality. Orienting the camera so that it’s more friendly in landscape mode is a sign that Apple could be focusing on AR.


Without a home button, Apple’s Touch ID could be moving over to the power button. While some see that as far-fetched, Apple’s already been granted a patent for that innovation.

Other details? The headphone jack is still nowhere to be found, the lightning port is where you remember, and there won’t be USB type-C ports, which appear on the brand’s new notebook computers.

The only thing that the renderings don’t show may be wireless charging. Those rumors can’t be confirmed via the rendering, though Fast Company reports that it’s one thing holding developers back. The magazine reports that Apple is having problems integrating wireless charging into its new software. However, that may not impact the new iPhone’s actual release. In the past, Apple has incorporated new features only to have them activated later on, such as Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, which went live after a software update.

While the rendering may be the most accurate prediction out right now, there are still no guarantees that the finished product will look like Forbes ‘ finished product. After all, Apple can — and has — made changes in the past.

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