How to Go Shopping Like J.Lo.: A Photo Essay

Jennifer Lopez took her East Coast style down to Miami for the week, stepping out on Wednesday for a chic shopping trip like only her majesty J.Lo can.

Clad in a plunging black bodysuit with lace trim (shop a similar look here), medium-wash skinny jeans with gold buttons lining the pockets, and sleek black Monika Chiang ankle boots, Lopez gave the Florida set a lesson in sexy street style.

Of course, Lopez accessorized with dark aviator shades and massive stud earrings–her go-tos, but she also added a gorgeous accessory we assume was worn for purposes of identification: a nameplate necklace spelling (what else?) “Jennifer.”

When J.Lo hits the shopping circuit, she doesn’t go unnoticed. Lest you have your doubts, just check her necklace and you’ll be reminded that Jenny from the Block is, indeed, in your midst.

This, my friends, is lesson #1 in learning to shop like the great Jennifer Lopez: Make Sure Everyone Knows Your Name.

J.Lo obviously has a lot to teach us about, well, life and everything in it, and certainly when it comes to shopping etiquette, Jenny from the Block is the unrivaled expert.

Behold, the many lessons we’ve learned by following Ms. Lopez’s example.

May your next shopping trip be as fabulous as J. Lo’s Snapchat filter game.

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Peace, love, and J.Lo.


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