Hilary Duff Shares Her Home Decorating Style & A Millennial Pink Door Is Just The Jumping Off Point

We all know that Hilary Duff has great taste in munchies and arm tattoos, in addition to being one of our imaginary best friends. She is even beloved by none other than Taylor Swift, and it’s for a good reason: her charisma, which is off the charts. Duff always gives us a reason to smile, whether it’s from our youth watching Lizzie Maguire or her body-shaming clap backs. And now, she’s taking us straight to the pinnacle of her exquisite sense of style: her home.

Duff and her abode are the cover stars of the January issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Her interior decorating sense is exactly what you imagine: full of gorgeous, contrasting patterns, cozy knits, and lots of millennial pink. We mean lots. Her pink front doors welcome us into her pink sanctuary, giving us some serious inspiration for our balcony French doors. “I’ve never seen myself as girlie,” she told Better Homes, “and I don’t even own much pink, even though I love it.” Her home is complete with Southwestern-inspired prints that play off the color beautifully.

Click through to see some gorgeous photos of Duff’s home, and be sure to take notes: we know you’re going to fall in love with her bedroom too.

The millennial pink doors provide a welcoming feeling into her California home. Her cute pup is just aesthetic icing on the cake.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit.

Duff’s kitchen features a punchy black-and-white diamond, accented by cerulean blue cabinetry. The colors make us want to delve into that kitchen and cook some serious homemade banana bread.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit.

The curved staircase also has a hint of millennial pink: a Southwestern-inspired rug among other mixed rugs that carpet each step. This is a decorating idea we’re going to use in our home, if we ever move out of an apartment building.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit.

The living room feels soothing and luxe at the same time. Soft pink throw pillows accent the bright red armchairs, and we spot that cerulean blue again. A wooden armoire and tall cactus in the corner gives the room an organic feel.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit.

Can we discuss how gorgeous her bedroom is? That printed wallpaper is making our heart flutter. Paired with the smooth wood furniture and gray bedding, the wallpaper feels whimsy and fun — we’d love to fall asleep in this room, just to wake up to that print.

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens/ Justin Coit.

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