Finally, A Gel Moisturizer That Hydrates Like A Rich Cream — With Zero Greasiness

My decision-making process is one big contradiction. I’ll suggest an Italian wine bar for dinner, only to fervently scan the menu for a California red. I’ll wake up early to give myself enough time to walk to wherever it is I’m going, then end up taking a cab. And every summer, I bring home all the gel moisturizers that land on my desk, while secretly hoping they’re as thick, rich, and hydrating as my favorite winter creams.

Up until this point, this hybrid cream — light but also heavy — has eluded me (as has finding a good Napa Valley Cabernet at Eataly…), but I think I may have finally found the closest thing in Dr. Dennis Gross’ new, oil-free Hyaluronic Moisture Cream.

The appeal of a gel formula in summer is that it absorbs quickly and never feels like it’s clogging your pores — and those perks would certainly benefit my oily T-zone. But I’ve also got another less-than-ideal skin concern that creeps up even when it’s a balmy 80 degrees outside: dryness, particularly on my chin and cheeks. So while I may be sweating with the best of them in the hot box that is the New York City subway platform, I do still need some moisture.

Luckily, this hyaluronic acid-packed moisturizer — which hits on the perfect blend of gel and cream — is loaded with the stuff, plus a dose of exfoliating glycolic and lactic acids to slough away the gross stuff sitting on the surface. After using it every morning for the last two weeks, my skin finally has that ever-so-subtle glow that only slightly resembles sweat (but isn’t).

It’s creamy, but lightweight. Fluffy and whipped, but substantial. Fancy, yet simple. In other words: It’s everything that indecisive me has ever wanted for my summer skin-care routine… I think.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion Oil-Free Moisturizer, $58, available at Dr. Dennis Gross.

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