Amy Schumer Finally Addressed Her Breakup With Ben Hanisch

On Thursday night, Amy Schumer addressed her breakup with ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch to a pretty large crowd. The Snatched star took the stage at the Hilarity For Charity Variety Show in New York City.

“I went through a breakup about a month ago. We were a year and a half, you know, it’s not that bad,” she said, according to People.

“We went out with a couple who had been together a long time, we were trying to rush the intimacy,” Schumer said. “Like I was trying to impress the girl and I was like ‘Well he woke me up this morning with a fart!’ And he just slowly turned to me and he goes ‘Are we doing this?’”

The funny exchange between Schumer and Hanisch read like your typical run-of-the-mill squabble between two lovers. However, it also sounded like Schumer’s typical M.O. of oversharing.

“And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, we’re not opening fire. Don’t tell me any of the disgusting shit I’ve done,’” she continued. This is the first time Schumer’s addressed her post-breakup life since splitting with Hanisch in May of this year.

Hanisch, a furniture designer from Chicago, lived a fairly private life until he began his relationship with Schumer last year. The two found each other through a dating app in late 2015. After announcing the breakup to People, the 36-year-old actress has remained mum about the end of the relationship until now.

As for whether or not the funny woman is back on the dating market, naturally, she joked about that too. “I’m dating this new dude. He’s awesome, he’s like Stephen Hawking, sexually,” she said.

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