A California Road Trip Inspired Chanel's New Beauty Collection

European designers including Dior, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton have recently headed to southern California to seek inspiration for their newest collections.

Lucia Pica, global creative makeup and color designer of Chanel, is the latest to head to the west coast to get some ideas for the brand’s Fall 2017 collection. It’s safe to say the trip was a major success. The final result is the 21-piece Travel Diary makeup collection, which will be available in August. (Mark your calendars!)

While most designers favor the Santa Monica Mountains, Palm Desert, and San Francisco, Pica took a different approach. She opted for a road trip from Los Angeles to Big Sur, so the Travel Diary collection is primarily influenced by the state’s central coast.


In a press interview documented by The Hollywood Reporter, Pica explained that nature’s juxtaposition of colors was her main source of inspiration. She recalled the contrast between the neutral sand, the ocean, the stunning sunsets, and red berries on the brush. Pica also recalled the conflicting textures, such as the urban concrete of downtown Los Angeles and the still waters up the coast.

“It was not just the discovery of new colors but discovering new ways of putting them together in the palette,” Pica said. “I need to have this opposition within the collection, a little bit of contrast and tension.”

If you’re thinking that some of these colors don’t sound like they’ll look great on your face, there’s no need to worry. “I know how to transform that inspiration into colors that can live on women’s faces,” Pica assured the press. “This is not your contour and highlight kind of world. It’s the answer to that.”

Pica was accompanied by photographer Max Farago and she used his photos when it was time to develop the Travel Diary beauty products. For example, a nail polish called “Horizon Line” is the very same hue as the horizon line on a photograph of a foggy shore.

The California road trip was the first major trip Pica has taken for Chanel, but it certainly wasn’t the last. In fact, she’s taken some similar trips over the past year but she can’t disclose the locations just yet.

For now, we’re counting down the days until the Travel Diary collection drops.

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