9 Beauty Products We Love, Sourced From Around The World

We live in an era of wellness. Women are no longer just glancing at the labels on their food, skin-care products, and everything else; rather they’re taking a deep dive into research to discover exactly what ingredients they’re putting in — and on — their bodies and where those ingredients come from. Whether it’s knowing our dairy came from a farm in upstate New York or feeling secure that our body oil was sustainably sourced — this knowledge puts us at ease.

So, in an effort for some full transparency, we’ve rounded up our favorite natural products and the stories of how (and where) the ingredients are sourced — from Kopari Beauty ‘s coconut oil, sourced in the Philippines, to Jurlique’s biodynamic rose oil, cultivated in Australia. Fair warning: These products will make you want to travel the world.

If you treat yourself like royalty (as you should) and you’re a fan of essential oils, then look no further than skin-care brand Uma. The brand’s organic oils, harvested on a 100-acre estate in India, have been beloved by royalty for centuries. But if we’re being honest, it’s the brand’s roots in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian practice that focuses on holistic healing, that really sold us. This Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil features a luxe blend of essential oils like rose, sandalwood, grapefruit, and juniper berry. Talk about aromatherapy at its finest.

UMA, $90.00, available at Uma Oils

Bali is more than just an on-trend destination to fulfill your Instagram-fueled wanderlust; it’s also where skin-care brand Juara sources most of its ingredients. Inspired by the Indonesian herbal healing tradition of Jamu, Juara infuses all of its products with the likes of turmeric, ginger, and tamarind to create skin-care products that have therapeutic benefits (and a scent that will get you hooked). Our favorite is the Juara Candlenut Body Creme that softens and hydrates your skin.

Juara, $35.00, available at Juara

There’s no question that coconut oil has amassed a cult-like following in recent years. Not only is it a healthy alternative to cooking with heavily processed oils, but it also works wonders when applied topically on your hair, face, and body. So it’s no wonder why Kopari Beauty travels halfway around the world to source it from the Philippines — the world’s second-largest producer of coconuts. Made of 100% organic coconut oil — nothing else — this Organic Coconut Melt is specifically made for beauty. The oil’s natural proteins protect your hair and restore dry ends when used as a hair mask, its high vitamin E content soothes and moisturizes skin, and you can even use it as a gentle makeup remover when nothing else seems to dissolve your waterproof mascara.

Kopari Beauty, $38.00, available at Sephora

Travel to the Dead Sea and you’ll likely notice two things: You can easily float thanks to the water’s high saline levels. And the locals and tourists alike cover themselves head to toe in the surrounding mud. It may seem like a messy pastime, but it’s well worth getting your hands dirty (literally) because the mud is rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals carry major skin-care benefits, which is why they’re the stars of AHAVA’s Dead Sea line. Try this ultra-hydrating serum to reap the benefits, sans the price tag of a flight to Israel.

AHAVA, $66.00, available at Ahava

In Adelaide Hills of South Australia, you’ll find a biodynamic farm where beauty brand Jurlique cultivates many of its own ingredients. Take its cult-classic rose hand cream for instance, which features roses that were grown, harvested, and pressed into rose extract on site. Talk about farm to table vanity.

Jurlique, $37.00, available at Jurlique

Rainforests are home to many exotic plants and animals, but there’s one plant in particular that caught the attention of hairstylist and avid traveler Fabian Lliguin. After visiting the Quechua-Shuar tribe in the Amazon, he noticed one attribute that all the women shared: long, shiny hair. Lliguin later found this was due to the tradition of using rahua oil on everything from hair to skin. And that’s how Rahua Haircare was born. Now, Lliguin gets the oil for all his hair-care products straight from the source. This new Color Full Shampoo has a slight purple tint to fight brassiness, while the aforementioned miracle oil restores color-treated hair back to its former glory.

Rahua, $38.00, available at RahuaRahua, $40.00, available at Rahua

Lava clay mined from the Atlas mountains in Morocco has been incorporated into the skin-care routines of local women for centuries. Unlike other clays that can be dehydrating and drying when applied topically, this unique red clay is high in minerals that make it ultra-nourishing to the skin. This Fig + Yarrow mask uses said clay to gently cleanse and exfoliate sebum away, without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Fig + Yarrow, $24.00, available at Fig+Yarrow

Look up Provence, France’s geotag on social media and your feed will be filled with pictures of gorgeous chateaus, quaint towns, and dreamy lavender fields. In lieu of booking a plane ticket ASAP, try this Palermo soap featuring calming lavender sourced straight from those fields. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin, the lavender extract relaxes you while the white clay acts as a gentle exfoliant that leaves your skin moisturized and super-smooth.

Palermo, $12.00, available at Palermo

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