This Superstar Athlete Is Giving Us All Of Her Fit Tips

As I sit at my desk firing off snappy social copy and editing a recent feature, I can’t help but ponder the differences between my and Skylar Diggins-Smith’s work lives. For those not acquainted, Diggins-Smith is a Dallas-based point guard entering her sixth season playing professional basketball. She’s embarking on a grueling schedule of 34 regular-season games across more than 12 cities, all within the confines of a few months. Factor in practice time, and she’ll clock at least 350 hours on the court this summer. Compared to my job that requires little to no movement — save for a snack break every few hours — I can’t begin to imagine the mental and physical toughness needed to step into the all-star’s shoes.

Curious to know more about what goes into being a top athlete in 2018, I set out to get the scoop. However, catching Diggins-Smith in a moment when she wasn’t training was nearly impossible, so it was only fitting we caught up in between shooting sessions at a gym in Texas. The PUMA athlete shared the ins and outs of her intense conditioning schedule, meal-prep tips she banks on during the season, and how she finds time for self-care within her hectic travel calendar — all the while flaunting her badass off-the-court style featuring PUMA’s newest DEFY sneaker silhouette. Get to know the superstar athlete and what it takes to get on her level, ahead.

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How did basketball first come into your life?
“My mom is a small woman, like 5-foot-nothing, and very graceful. So she started me in all these other sports early on like tumbling and gymnastics, which I grew out of. Basketball was actually the last one I tried when I was 5 or 6 years old, and it stuck.”

We’ve heard a lot about girls dropping out of sports at a much higher rate than boys by the time they reach high school. In your opinion, what can we do to keep them motivated to stick with it?
“When I was a kid, you went outside and rode your bike or went to the playground. Now, when you drive by a park, kids aren’t there anymore. In this age, we have an issue with technology not inspiring exercise. So to empower young women, I share what sports did for me. I do camps all around the country for grade-school-aged kids and talk about the life lessons that came from the game. Companies love to hire athletes because of that skill set — working well with others, working well under pressure, and having a commitment to something. It comes through in your confidence and self-esteem.”

Not surprisingly, you’ve become a role model to many young women. Do you feel any pressure from that?
“Look, I’m no one’s parent, so I don’t feel any pressure. I’m not putting on a facade. I’m just me and it comes with the territory. I love interacting with the fans and the youth, it feels organic.”

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Talk to us about your training schedule now that basketball is back in season.
“I start practice around 7:45 a.m. with weights or individual shooting. We have team practice from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with film, and then we’ll cool down and leave around 2 p.m. On game days, we shoot around in the morning, walk through some plays, and then it’s game time. During the season you literally live in the gym.”

Now that’s dedication. Are you just as physically active in the off-season?
“I train in bunches because you don’t want to peak too early. Off season is all about maintenance. I do yoga, Pilates, meditation, and weights to train different aspects of my body.”

Traveling always throws me off my routine. How do you stay healthy when you’re on the road?
“Being on the road is tough. To me, airport food isn’t real food. We have a nutritionist who helps us find the healthiest options. But I also try to meal prep, so I can eat before heading to the airport or take it on the road with me. My husband and I like to grill a lot; that’s how we get our meal prep in. We throw some veggies on the grill, because in Texas you can do that year-round. It makes it easier, so you don’t have to cook three separate meals a day in the midst of training.”

On that note, what’s your go-to game-day meal?
“Chicken pasta with garlic bread (yes, seriously) is my go-to pre-game meal. I need something carb-heavy to last me until after the game. There’s a misconception that you should cut out carbs, but carbohydrates are so essential for what we do as athletes.”

How do you find time for self-care during the season’s strenuous schedule?
“For road trips, you actually have a good bit of free time, so sometimes I’ll get my nails done before a game or take time to myself in the room. I sweat every day, so I’m all about keeping my hair and skin clean and moisturized. Coconut oil and cocoa butter help with the bumps and hits I take during the game.”

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What’s your style like off the court?
“I’d describe it as tomboy-chic. Since I’m always on the go or at the airport, I’m all about comfort. I love bright colors, and I’m not afraid to stand out and have a moment.”

Would you consider yourself a sneakerhead?
“Absolutely. I’m a hooper. I’m always trying different sneakers to help my performance. PUMA keeps me laced. I have at least 250 pairs in the house right now, and that’s just sneakers.”

What do you wish would change for female athletes in 2018?
“I’m very passionate about equality. The league is great, but it’s unfortunate that we don’t get the respect or coverage we deserve. I would love to see more women writing about our game and circulating our sports stories. It’s always been a platform that is under appreciated. We’re the most competitive league in the world, and we don’t have highlights on the sports shows that claim to be the worldwide leader in sports.”

Lastly, what’s next for you? What’s your long-term goal?
“I just want to make my mom proud, represent for my city and my family, and be the best version of myself. I’m just trying to see how high my elevator can go.”

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What We Really Think Of Tarte's New Darker Foundations And Concealers

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, we still have to have the inclusive cosmetics conversation… but here we are. There are so many brands that continue to miss the mark when it comes to doing right by all of its customers — and Tarte is owning up to its part. When the brand dropped its long-awaited Shape Tape foundation earlier this year, fans and friends of the brand were rightfully upset to see another shade range that failed to consider the ends of the spectrum. But Tarte is vowing to change — and actually putting its money where its mouth is.

Yesterday, the brand announced 15 new shades of its Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation, all ranging from tan to deep. Nine of the 16 new shades for its Creaseless Concealers are tan to deep as well. “We recognize that we failed to represent all Tartelettes the way we needed to,” a representative for the brand tells Refinery29. “We looked at our full complexion range and product timeline and worked internally to pull up several future foundation and concealer launches.” To make sure that everyone was included, they swatched and tested it all on the Tarte team, as well as friends and family members. This led to the introduction of a new undertone, golden, which is suitable for olive skin tones.

Let’s be clear: Shape Tape was a major misstep. (And the brand promises to launch shade extensions for that range later this year.) But, it’s comforting to know that the brand actually listened to all of the criticism, and is learning from it. “Our social media channels give us a direct pipeline to all of our [customers], and they definitely let us know how they feel,” the brand says. “That’s how we continue to grow.”

While 40 shades of Amazonian Clay and 30 shades of the Creaseless Concealers sounds impressive, we had to test them out for ourselves. So we asked five Refinery29 editors, all with tan to deep skin tones, to try the site’s Foundation Finder and give the products an honest test run. Check out their unfiltered opinions, ahead.

Rissa Papillion, R29 Junior Video Editor
Foundation: 47G Tan-Deep Golden
Concealer: 45S Tan-Deep Sand

“Before Fenty’s highlighters became my everything, Tarte’s Park Ave Princess was my go-to. I’ve always been a fan of the brand and was shaken when they debuted their Shape Tape foundation to everyone… everyone except brown girls like me. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting to fall back in love with the brand, because I’m all about second chances.

“While searching for my match, I was a little bit inundated with options — which is a good thing! It’s not every day that I’m blessed with an abundance of choice. My foundation was not only a great match for my sun-kissed skin, but it blended well and was easily buildable.

“As for the concealer — Lord knows I have things to hide! And mine hid my dark circles and provided a light contour for my face. Upon application, I wasn’t totally convinced that I chose my correct shade, but in the end it oxidized beautifully and covered up the hyperpigmentation along my jawline.”

Empress Varnado, R29 Video PA
Foundation: 57H Rich Honey
Concealer: 56N Rich

“This is my first time using Tarte, and I was pleased. I loved the texture and thickness of the product. I only needed to use a pea-sized amount of foundation to cover my entire face, and it went on smooth and matte. And the concealer was so easy to use, I even used my fingers to blend it.

“When it came to color matching, I had to ask at least 10 people to help me find my shade. And once it arrived, it did not look like the color from the website. I’d definitely recommend going to Sephora or Ulta so that you can swatch in real life. Otherwise, I’d wear this again — and have a feeling I’ll be using it a lot this summer.”

Khalea Underwood, R29 Beauty Writer
Foundation: 60H Mahogany
Concealer: 56N Rich, 60N Mahogany

“I, too, can admit that I was a tiny bit skeptical about these new products. When Shape Tape launched, I was super excited — all of my friends and favorite influencers swear by it. But once I swatched, the darkest shade was pathetically light on my deep skin. And like Rissa, I’m a longtime Tarte lover who was ready to give the brand a second chance.

“Now, I know that Amazonian Clay will be a mainstay in my summer makeup bag. I like to be as matte as possible, especially when it’s warm out — and the foundation gave me the perfect base without being too ashy. And I love a thick concealer, too… especially since I’ve picked up the habit of binging Jane the Virgin until 4 a.m. In this selfie, I didn’t put on any blush or highlighter just yet, but I know that my pigments will sit perfectly since my base is so smooth and even. Yes, Tarte may be late to the game… but it’s a W in my book.”

Arianna Davis, R29 Senior Features Writer
Foundation: 35S Medium Sand
Concealer: 32s Medium Sand

“To be honest, it was a little hard to find my shade just by using the site. I felt like there were a few options for me, but I couldn’t find my exact match. When I tried it on, the shades of both products were too pale for my skin tone; I’m not sure if I should have picked a slightly darker shade or if it was just the blending. But once I added some bronzer, blush, and highlighter, it turned out pretty nice. It’s definitely not as seamless as my typical foundation, though; it felt a tiny bit greasy, and I wasn’t in love with the clay-like texture.

“That being said, I think that Tarte definitely stepped up their game after the controversy. But personally, I didn’t walk away with The One.”

Channing Hargrove, R29 Fashion Writer
Foundation: 53H Deep Honey
Concealer: 50H Deep

“Surprisingly, I found navigating the website to find my shade pretty easy. I selected the shade I believed to be closest to my skin tone. I loved the way it looked once I applied it with a brush. The coverage was great and not too heavy, and the concealer set pretty quickly without being sticky. I love how bright my face looks, but still natural. By the time I get to work, I typically need to blot my face, but that wasn’t the case with this combo.

“It’s crazy that it took Rihanna to show legacy brands how easy (and profitable) it is to expand their shade ranges. To be honest, had it not been for this launch, I don’t know if I’d reach for this brand — especially when the expansion feels a bit like an afterthought. But I’m happy to see that the product works for my skin tone!”

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Bachelor Contestants Are Finally Getting Real About Their Boob Jobs

Update: Another Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise alum, Amanda Stanton, is opening up about her recent breast augmentation. In a post to her blog, Stanton explained why she opted for surgery years after giving birth to her two daughters. “Once I had Kins and Char and breastfed them both for a year, [my breasts] were basically… gone,” she wrote. “I did make this decision for myself, for my own body. When the time comes where I have to talk to my girls about this… I will always tell them they are beautiful in every single way, but will also be mindful about being real with them and why I chose to do what I did.” Stanton is certainly not the first on the show to talk about her surgery. Read on to see how other contestants are changing the way we discuss this once taboo TV topic.

This story was originally posted February 7, 2017.

Don’t be fooled by the bikinis, binge drinking, and marathon makeout sessions. The Bachelor is, at the end of the day, a reality show grounded in very old school values. Its premise is based around the idea that a woman’s ultimate goal is to land a man, and to do so, she must walk a hell of a lot of fine lines.

Be there to make friends, but also in it to win it. Exude sex appeal, but don’t have sex. Maintain long, thick hair, blindingly white teeth, tan skin, a thigh gap, and great cleavage — all without too much effort.

But it’s season freaking 21 now and, to steal from another show’s famous tagline, things are finally starting to get real. We have season 16’s Courtney Robertson to thank for getting sex out on the table (she had it in the ocean, pre-Fantasy Suite date, and didn’t hide the fact), but seasoned alum and current Bachelor Nick Viall has taken it upon himself to carry the torch ever since.

(A quick recap: He asked Andi Dorfman on ATFR why she “made love” to him if she didn’t love him; had sex with Kaitlyn Bristowe, then got dumped; had to apologize to the current season’s women for sleeping with one of their fellow contestants before filming even began; and he was on Bachelor In Paradise, so… yeah.)

And it seems Nick’s willingness to be honest and direct (and cry, often) is rubbing off on the contestants, who are opening up more than ever about, well, a lot of things, but mostly… boobs. Big boobs, small boobs, real boobs, fake boobs — the women are laying it all out, sharing their insecurities and revealing their plastic surgeries. And it’s actually pretty damn refreshing to see on a show that likes to pretend the only body type is ultra-slim with a natural, perky C-cup.

Corinne Olympios and Nick ViallPhoto: Courtesy of ABC.

Technically, it started with Corinne Olympios. The wild card contestant shocked the other women when she took off her top during a photoshoot with Nick and asked him to hold her breasts. Her confidence was so palpable, it was almost hard for the others to shit-talk too much. In another episode, Corinne admitted in the same breath to A. having a nanny, and B. wanting a “tiny” boob job. (If you still have a nanny making you cheese pasta, you might not be ready for major surgery, but that’s just us.) And who can forget the not-quite- Varsity Blues moment, in which she sprayed her chest with whipped cream and instructed Nick to lick it off. (Which he did, because the guy likes sex, don’t ya know?)

Then there was Astrid Loch, whose breasts stole the show on a sporty group date. “Look at those boobs!” the girls cheered from the sidelines as the camera panned in on them bouncing from side-to-side. “If I would have known I was actually going to be doing this much physical activity, I think I would have worn a little bit more support. But maybe it’ll help me get the rose, you never know,” Astrid joked, and get the rose she did.

It’s pretty damn refreshing to see on a show that likes to pretend the only body type is ultra-slim with a natural, perky C-cup.

Really, though, it was Alexis Waters, the season’s comic relief since the moment she stepped out of the limo in a shark costume, who brought Bachelor breasts fully into the spotlight. In perhaps the best scene of the franchise that was relegated to a short clip while the credits rolled, she brought out boob-themed cupcakes with candles to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her augmentation, shimmying as she sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ Don’t ever change, Alexis.

We didn’t think The Bachelor would be the franchise to break plastic surgery taboos, but we’re here for it. And to all future Bachelor contestants, for the love of god, keep being real. Get weird. Wear animal suits. Take naps if you don’t want to stay up filming the Rose Ceremony until 6 a.m. It’s been FIFTEEN years of this show and we’re due for a shakeup.

In case you missed it, @nickviall and I celebrated my #boobsbirthday 🍈🍈#TheBachelor 🌹

A video posted by Alexis Waters (@alexiswaters_) on


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A Handy Guide To Kehlani's Coolest Tattoos

When we first met Kehlani in 2011 as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, the then-16-year-old had yet to even get her first tattoo. Now, she’s covered in ink from head to toe, adding to her collection so often fans can barely keep up — until now.

Luckily, the star is an open book when it comes to a lot of her visible ink. For example, we know her first (her knuckles, all stick and poke done by her sister) and her most sentimental (“La Dreamer,” as a tribute to a friend she met in a group home as a teen). But just because the Honey singer posts glimpses of her arm, leg, face, and hand tats all over Instagram doesn’t mean we get to see ’em all at once that often.

That’s why we compiled some of her most colorful pieces, so you can get a closer look at the star’s raddest ink. Ahead, a guide to Kehlani’s tattoo collection…


1. Four dots

2. Paper plane

3. Queen of Hearts

4. Waves

5. “Espíritu Libre” (“free spirit”)

6. “Perdida y Encontrada” (“lost and found”)

Right Arm

7. Sleeve of roses

Left Arm

8. Sunflower


9. Paisley

10. Peace sign

11. Triangle

12. “La Dreamer”

13. Mickey Mouse

14. Heart

15. Lotus flower (covering original “WOKE” ink)

16. Arrow

17. Anchor

18. “Hope”

19. “510”

20. Venus symbol


21. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

22. Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

23. Skateboard

24. Scorpion and rose, skewered by a dagger

25. Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power

26. “Today is the best day ever”

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