This Viral Video Shows What Postpartum Hair Loss Really Looks Like

Though Chrissy Teigen has fearlessly dropped a few post-pregnancy truth bombs on us lately (including skin and cleavage changes and self-tanning fails), the reality is that there are so many changes that happen to your body that don’t get talked about enough. And one of them has just come to light, thanks to a viral Instagram post that exposes the kind of hair loss that some new moms experience — and we’re not talking about a few extra hairs in the shower drain, friends.

As the video posted by Utah-based Intrepid Studio Salon shows, a very large portion of a client’s hair comes right out of her scalp with a gentle tug of her tips. Warning: It’s a pretty unsettling visual. But shock-value aside, the video has sparked more than 1.4 million views and hundreds of comments that span from, “wait WHAT…okay they did not teach us this in health class,” to “I went through that struggle too.”


It’s something that owner Christina Kreitel sees a lot. She told Yahoo Lifestyle, “It’s become a running joke among my pregnant clients that after they give birth, I’ll have to pull out their hair. The client in the video had a baby four months ago and that’s around when the hair loss starts.”

In fact, so many people have posted relatable comments, the post is doing double-duty as a PSA, showing that the post-pregnancy shed is, in fact, quite common. The phenomenon, known as telogen effluvium (the excessive shedding of hair that new moms experience one to five months post-pregnancy), affects “somewhere between 40 to 50% of women,” according to the American Pregnancy Association.

For many, this graphic display serves as reassurance. As one commenter notes, “I’m so glad to see this. I was scared after four months postpartum — my hair shed so much I clogged the drain something serious. I’m glad that my hair was thick to begin with, but my hairline in the front took the beating … At 11 months postpartum it’s getting better … Damn kids. LOL. Gotta love ‘em.”

But there’s actually good news at the end of all this. As the American Pregnancy Association notes, like most changes during pregnancy, such expansive hair loss is only temporary. What’s more, the organization suggests fixes like consulting with a health care provider to ensure hormones are properly balanced; avoiding stress-inducing styles, like tight ponytails, braids and weaves; avoiding fine-tooth combs and heat styling; and eating a vitamin- and- antioxidant-rich diet, which may help encourage hair growth. The more you know.

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All Of The Handbags To Buy, In One Convenient Place

We tend to look at shopping for a handbag a bit differently than we do shopping for other items. Our closet can be stocked with impulse denim buys, shelves of statement shoes, and rows of assorted dresses, but purchasing the right carryall is a little more revered. Maybe it’s that they tend to get more mileage than your average item, but unless you’re Kris Jenner and have a closet full of Birkin bags to rotate out weekly, most of us tend to stick to one to two bags for months at a time. (And if you are a frequent purse changer, I’d like to know how you magically avoid always leaving your wallet or keys in the wrong one).

Rather than just shoving a bunch of bags in your face that we deem the best, we’re creating a one-stop source with guides to every bag type you could ever need. Dying for a baby clutch? It’s in here. Looking for a tote bag that will fit your two dogs, a weekend’s worth of clothes, and half of your medicine cabinet? You may need to lower your expectations, but we’re sure we have a bag that covers at least two of those. But regardless of what’s on your agenda, the list ahead should help ease the process of making what’s (arguably) your most important purchase.

Wristlets Are Back, But Not Like You Remember Them
The wrislet has returned! But before you start digging out your little zip-up Coach logo wallets (they still sell them by the way!), you’ll be happy to know that the new version is a little roomier than the ones from your past. And now, it’s all about the centered strap.

Studio 33, $75, available at Bloomingdale’s

5 Of The Best Bag Trends To Try Now
From the instant sell-out that was the faux pearl encrusted Shrimps bag to Jacquemus’ pretty in pink baby purse, we rounded up the five of the most ubiquitous bag trends of 2017.

Shrimps, $450, available at Shrimps

Drawstring Bags So Cute They’re Breaking Our Heart
Shoulders straps have had the limelight for long enough. These clutches are prime to use as an every-day bag, they’re vintage-inspired, and they’re so adorable that we just can’t help collecting every one we see.

Mango, $79.98, available at Mango

In A Bag Rut? Here’s 10 Handbag Swaps To Strongly Consider
While we always lament the end of summer, the colder half of the year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh beginning. Start winter off strong with these handbag swaps.

Cult Gaia, $300, available at Moda Operandi

Is This 2017’s Version Of The Bucket Bag?
The mini backpack was inescapable this year. Everyone from Fendi to Louis Vuitton released a few bitty bags that reinvigorated our love for the backpack, and whether your tastes are more leather and refined or sporty and nylon, there’s a definitely a version with your name on it.

3.1 Phillip Lim, $495, available at Shopbop

20 Backpacks To Help You Schlep In Style
With a backpack — a.k.a the modern carryall of choice — you can keep all your essentials with you all the time. These’ll give you a hand, literally.

Parisa Wang, $235, available at Shopbop

The Best Bags For The Hardcore Commuter
Getting all of your crap from point A to point B shouldn’t be a labor of juggling the closest tote bags you have on hand. Whether you travel by foot, car, train, or plane, these bags will help you (and your stuff) get through your commute.

Graf Lantz, $425, available at Graf Lantz

These Are The Cutest Mini Bags We’ve Ever Seen
If there’s one statement we can confidently make about the future of handbags, it’s that the basket bag isn’t going anywhere. While we love an oversized, hand-woven bag for our beach day getaways, the mini basket bag injects a little Sunday picnic magic into our day-to-day life.

Clare V., $175, available at Clare V

How To Find The Right Evening Bag For Your Look
Shopping for the right handbag for your night out is somewhat of a weird task. It’s often the last puzzle piece we consider when building an outfit and choosing the right shape to match our dress is a task we’re often too tired to confront. We’ve put together a guide to knowing which bag to grab the next time your on your way out.

Zara, $59.9, available at Zara

20 Carryalls For When You’re Sick Of Your Black Tote
Put down your beat up black tote. Seriously, it probably needs a rest by now. In its place, we’ve found alternatives for the next time you need to fit your laptop, gym shoes, five lipsticks, and half-empty gum packs into one bag.

Mansur Gavriel, $585, available at Opening Ceremony

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These 5 Lipstick Trends Will Dominate 2018

We can thank the viral nature of the world wide web for the beauty world’s obsession with shock value. From squiggly brows, to contouring with inanimate objects, to placing literal insects and plants onto your lips, artists and influencers have taken to weird and outlandish ways to display their craft. And while watching someone put bronzer on with a fidget spinner may be entertaining, most of the viral trends that “break the internet” these days aren’t ones we’d wear in our everyday lives.

Still, with the new year approaching, we’re on the hunt for inspiration. That’s why we look to the runways, red carpet, and our favorite makeup artists for inspiration on the coolest lip colors, shapes, and finishes to work into our daily makeup routine. What’s more? They’re all ridiculously wearable. Ahead, check out the lipstick trends that will dominate 2018.

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Glass Lips

The beauty world’s obsession with all things dewy has shifted from skin to lips. You’ve likely seen images floating around of juicy, heavily-glossed lips that toe the line between a healthy pucker and Kirakira material.

Even Rihanna, who dropped one of the buzziest beauty launches this year, is into the look. She had makeup artists apply thick coats of her Fenty Beauty gloss to each model’s lips at her Spring 2018 show for Fenty x Puma.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images.

The model’s at Rihanna’s show wore Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb — rosy-nude gloss infused with shea butter and subtle gold shimmer. Plus, it has a jumbo-sized applicator that makes it easy to slick on in a hurry (and without a mirror).

If you’re looking for true glass-like lips, look no further than Glossier’s gloss. Wear it alone for instant shine or layer it over your favorite lipstick for extra dimension.

Glossier, $14, available at Glossier

Makeout Lips

If you ask us, lipstick looks the best long after it’s been applied, when it’s soft around the edges and worn in just the right places. As much we as love a sharp, perfectly-lined lip, there’s something effortless and cool about the blurry, faded look. To get it, makeup artists are ditching bold, bright hues in favor of lipsticks that enhance their client’s natural lip color. Could this be 2018’s take on #wokeuplikethis makeup?

Photo: Le Segretain/Getty Images.

It’s a classic for a reason: The soda-scented formula deposits a hint of rosy color that makes lips look juicy and full.

Bonne Bell, $1.99, available at

This lip balm isn’t just hydrating, it’s fun, too. Although the product goes on sheer, it transforms into the prettiest shade of pink once it settles into the lips.

Dior, $32, available at Sephora

Cupid’s Bow

Makeup artists have been applying touches of carefully-placed highlighter to Cupid’s bows to fake fuller, juicier lips for decades. Lately, though, they have taken the tried-and-true hack and turned it on its head, opting for in-your-face metallic and glitter finishes that don’t just highlight the area, but make it the focal point of a look. (Just ask Violette — the French makeup guru swears by the trick for instant sex appeal.)

At DKNY’s Spring 2017 show, makeup artists paired oxblood lips with gold, glittery Cupid’s bows. The best part? Since the look is about opting for pops of color, you can use any shade you like, as long as it’s lighter than your lipstick shade. Earlier this year, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes tried the trend with red lips and orange glitter

Photo: Catwalking/Getty Images.

We’ve found that reaching for liquid liner is the easiest (and cleanest) way to get the look. Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Liquid Liner collection has a handful of fun shades like gold, blue, and pink to choose from.

Urban Decay, $19, available at Sephora

On the hunt for something with slightly less glitter? Ulta Beauty’s glitter liners are a good option. The line features features nine shades from rose gold to silver.

Ulta, $10, available at Ulta Beauty

Red Hot Lips

Okay okay, red lipstick isn’t a trend, but the way people are wearing it certainly is. Rather than pairing the shade with cat-eyes or bold eye makeup, makeup artists are taking a less-is-more approach. At the Spring 2018 shows for Temperley London, Haider Ackermann, Blumarine, and Max Mara, models walked the runway in bright crimson lipstick and barely-there makeup.

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma­Rapho/Getty Images.

Giorgio Armani’s Lip Magnet is liquid lipstick for people who hate liquid lipstick. The formula slides onto the lips with full color payoff, yet never feels dry, crusty, or flaky — even after hours of wear.

Giorgio Armani Beauty, $38, available at Sephora

Maybelline’s Loaded Bolds lipsticks are some of our favorites at the drugstore thanks to their creamy texture, matte finish, and bold pigment. This hue, Dynamite Red, is our top pick.

Maybelline, $7.49, available at Ulta Beauty

Peach Please

We’ve spotted peach tones all over, from makeup artist Hung Vanngo’s peach lip on Selena Gomez to the models at Cushnie et Ochs and Sonia Rykiel’s Spring 2018 runway shows. Use the shade to complement any eye look, or pair it with matching peach blush and shadow for a monochromatic effect.

This creamy peach lipstick is a dead ringer for Gomez’s hue.

Tom Ford, $54, available at Nordstrom

Not feeling a satin finish? This creamy matte lipstick feels like butter on the lips and never looks patchy or dry.

NYX, $5.99, available at Ulta Beauty

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All Your Biggest Skin-Care Concerns — Solved

We all have a particular skincare issue we’d like to fix. We’re not talking about changing the way we look, but the way our skin behaves. An oily T-zone that looks more like a mirror than a forehead come lunchtime? We’ve been there. Chin scars left from a nasty bout of hormonal acne? We understand.

Skin can be a very temperamental thing, subject to change whenever our environment, hormones, lifestyle, or the products we use do. It can often feel like a constant battle — like when a dry patch clears up only for blackheads to appear — which is why we went to the pros to put our skin concerns under the spotlight.

Eight Refinery29 staffers, all with different skin tones and types, asked eight experts to help solve their issues. Read on to find out what they advised.

Problem: Hyper-Pigmentation

“I have hyper-pigmentation on either side of my face as a result of acne. I’ve had it for about 10 years, since breaking out in high school. I’ve tried so many things, from natural products to treatments like microdermabrasion and glycolic peels to light therapy — but nothing seems to help.” – Samantha Yu, Brand Director

Expert: Dr. Justine Hextall, dermatologist at The Harley Medical Group

“First assess the depth of the pigmentation to find the appropriate treatments. It may be that, although acne inflammation triggered the pigmentation, other factors are exacerbating the problem. Topical treatments such as Kligman’s cream (with hydroquinone, hydrocortisone, and retinoid) may help to reduce the pigmentation and should be used before any active treatments, such as a peel. (The latter in itself can cause post-inflammatory pigmentation, so I always advise caution with any peels in the context of hyper-pigmentation.) After a course of Kligman’s cream, microneedling may help. This can target pigmentation and any possible acne scarring. Finally, ongoing treatments to reduce recurrence would include a high factor sunscreen, preferably with a physical block such as zinc oxide, and I advise topical vitamin C. It blocks the production of melanin, and has antioxidant properties that protect against free radical damage from UV and pollution that can cause unwanted skin pigmentation.”

Problem: Cystic Acne

“I’ve had hormonal cystic acne for least a year and a half now. I’ve tried everything and am currently using Differin and Acnecide which has sorted out the acne for the most part, but big pores, redness, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation are still a problem. I have pared back my skin-care routine and use various masks and peels to soothe and calm. My skin is extra-sensitive to sodium laurel sulphate, which can make me break out in painful whiteheads, and harsh acids like salicylic acid dry me out and don’t work. Help!” -Sadhbh O’Sullivan, Social Media Assistant

Expert: Dr. Sajjad Rajpar, dermatologist at Belgravia Dermatology

“The good news is that it sounds as though your active is under control. You have redness and sensitive skin because both the treatments you are using cause irritation as a side effect. It may be time to cut down Acnecide to alternate nights or even to twice a week. It may also be helpful to introduce a light non-comedogenic moisturizer that contains vitamin B3 to help restore the skin barrier. These measures will improve redness and sensitivity.

“There are other reasons you may have redness too. When acne spots resolve they can leave a localized area of redness which can last for several months. This is because inflammation in an acne spot causes new blood vessels to form in the skin. The redness can be quite deep in color and, fortunately, usually lessens with time. Laser treatments or IPL can help reduce the level of redness very effectively.”

Problem: Milia

“I’ve had milia around and under my eyes for around 10 years. I once had them removed during a facial but they came back. In the past I’ve used exfoliating scrubs, but my skin is too sensitive. Now I use an overnight exfoliator and sometimes they come away on their own while I wash my face – but nothing I’ve tried has really worked.” -Rose Lander, International Coordinator

Expert: Dr. Frances Prenna Jones, cosmetic doctor

“It is important to differentiate milia from fatty deposits under the skin (they can often look the same), as the treatment of these is often different. Milia are essentially trapped calcified secretions under the skin, which are often caused by using too greasy a moisturizer and not using glycolic acid products, which slough away the top dead layer of skin cells. Paradoxically, if you physically scrub the area though it will make them worse! So prevention is better than cure: Use a product that contains glycol. They need to be removed by an experienced professional otherwise, as they can scar if you try and remove them yourself.”

Problem: Oily T-zone

“I suffer from acne, which is mostly hormonal, on my chin, and I have a very oily T-zone. I always take my makeup off before bed, double cleanse when I’ve worn makeup, and try to avoid anything with SLS, mineral oil, shea butter and typically stick to fragrance-free cleansers. What else can I do?” -Louise Whitbread, Editorial Intern

Expert: Dr. Sarah Tonks, cosmetic physician, facial surgeon, and dermatologist

“As someone with oily skin too, I know how you feel. I have my patients use Skinceuticals Simply Clean, which is a cleanser containing exfoliating AHAs. If you wear makeup it’s also important to tone, so I tend to go with Skinceuticals Equalizing Toner or Obagi C-Rx Exfoliating Day Lotion, both of which contain witch hazel. Then for daytime I’ll use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic which is great for oily skin, then Alumier AHA Renewal Serum again because I like to layer these AHAs to exfoliate the skin. Alumier Matticlear Solution is great to soak up any excess oils. I then like the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Acne Control SPF25 because it doesn’t clog my pores. At nighttime I go with the same cleanser and toner followed by a retinol, and then every other night I’ll go with the Skinceuticals Resveratrol B E.”

Problem: Sebaceous Filaments

“I rarely get spots, but in the last 18 months or so I noticed these tiny, hard grey bumps filled with a drop-shaped beads. In the last month they have increased. I get them on my chin and between my brows. I haven’t tried any products on them, but I’m obsessed with squeezing them out! How can I stop them or slow down their appearance?” – Natasha Slee, Social Media Manager

Expert: Dr. Anita Sturnham, dermatologist and founder of Nuriss Clinics

“Sebaceous filaments are often under-diagnosed and mistaken for blackheads or whiteheads — but their characteristics are very different. A sebaceous filament is a tiny collection of sebum (oil) and old dead skin cells, which accumulate around a hair follicle. To target the filaments, adding in a combination alpha and beta hydroxy acid cleanser will help, thanks to its double-action cleansing mechanism. The lactic and glycolic acid exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, while the salicylic acid will seep into your pores, reduce bacteria, oil, and inflammation. Start off by using this at night, which in my opinion should always be the more intensive cleanse in your regimen.

“Dehydration can trigger faster sebum production, increasing the rate of pore clogging. The key to preventing this is to ensure that you have adequate skin hydrators in your skin-care routine, and to avoid pore-clogging facial oils and comedogenic moisturizers. Morning and night serums with a high molecular weight hylauronic acid will be your skin savior. Adding in a retinoid (vitamin A) serum or night cream is also great, because the nutrient will reduce sebum, bacteria, inflammation, and improve cell turnover. There’s no need to blitz your skin with high doses of retinoids to address this skin concern, though — just 0.5-1% of a second or third generation retinoid works wonders, and I find products with additional hyaluronic acid in the formula help to counteract any dryness or irritation that one may see typically after using these types of products.”

Problem: Spots

“I get spots after having my eyebrows threaded. Is there any way to avoid this?” -Sarah Raphael, Editor-at-Large

Expert: Dr. Stefanie Williams, dermatologist and author of Look Great, Not Done! The Art and Science of Ageing Well – How Aesthetic Treatments Can Work for You

“‘Breakouts’ after eyebrow threading are usually one of two things – irritation or folliculitis. If you develop some minor redness and a few tiny little ‘bumps’, this may be a simple irritant reaction. For mild irritant reactions, a soothing aloe vera gel might be all you need (wash your hands before applying it!). I would always recommend combining this with application of a non-irritant antiseptic such as Clinisept+ Solution to avoid bacterial contamination. If that doesn’t help, a couple of days of a mild steroid cream, best in combination with an antibacterial ingredient — like prescription Fucidin H cream from your doctor — is usually very effective.

“However, proper breakouts with acne-like spots or pimples can be bacterial folliculitis, which means bacteria have entered the hair follicle during or shortly after the threading and are causing the ‘breakouts.’ To help prevent this, hygiene prior to and around the threading procedure is very important, so make sure you are visiting a reputable salon, your therapist doesn’t reuse thread, and works as cleanly as possible. Also, avoid touching the area with your hands for a few hours after the threading. It’s also a good idea to dab a gentle antiseptic solution (like Clinisept+) onto the skin before and after the treatment. If despite all precautions you still develop folliculitis, you might need topical antibacterial treatment from your doctor, like prescription Dalacin T lotion or Fusidic acid cream.”

Problem: Red Marks/Scarring

“I’ve been suffering from hormonal acne for the past year, and although it’s finally clearing up (thanks, Differin!) I’m left with red marks and scars on my skin where the spots once were. What’s the most effective way to get rid of them? I regularly use acids in my skincare routine but I wonder if I should incorporate something else as well?” -Chemmie Squier, Branded Content Manager

Expert: Andrea Pfeffer, aesthetician and founder of Pfeffer Sal

“When it comes to reducing acne scarring, there are a few avenues that you can take, but it’s important to ensure that the active acne is totally cleared – so be patient. This will ensure you don’t accidentally aggravate the breakouts whilst trying to target existing scarring. Skin peels will reduce the pigmentation dramatically by deeply exfoliating and resurfacing the skin. Our peels [at Pfeffer Sal] are a series of controlled, lighter peels to achieve effective and safe results. If there are any textural changes, I recommend a course of medical needling. This needling works on the principal of controlled trauma to the skin in order for it to start releasing growth factors, and puts the wonderful fibroblasts to work, leading to the right type of collagen being produced, which will then be remodeled, reducing the appearance of pitted scar.

“At home, incorporating exfoliating acids into your regimen is a great step toward reducing scarring. Another must is to wear SPF every single day. Sun protection will prevent the scarring from becoming further pigmented or sensitised. No excuses! Apply, apply, apply – even on the cloudiest of days!”

Problem: Combination Skin

“I really neglect my skin. I use micellar water and moisturizer in the evening and repeat that (lengthy) process again when I wake up. I am often quite oily yet dry on my nose, and have random patches of dry skin on my cheeks. Also, I have quite big pores and small pimples and would love to hear what I can do to exfoliate in a delicate way without using a harsh scrub.” -Meg O’Donnell, Photo Assistant

Expert: Abigail James, celebrity facialist

“For a combination skin, just using a micellar water and moisturizer is not going to be enough, and may well be contributing to small pimples on the face. It may also cause the skin to sway from oily to dry. Using a micellar for a quick remove of makeup is fine but I would suggest also using a gentle wash to properly cleanse the skin morning and night. Starting the day with a gentle cleanse allows your moisturizer and makeup to sit on a fresh, clean base. This should also help keep pores clean even if they are slightly large. Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Face Wash Gel or Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser are both good to begin with.

Exfoliating with something gentle two to three times a week will also help. You could use a Clarisonic, or an AHA face mask, which would gently remove dead skin cells while adding some hydration to dry skin. I would recommend a vitamin C mask. To further reduce large pores, try a derma roller in the evening once a week as an additional step. That said, I would make the other changes first, see how skin responds over a two-month period, and then look to progress.”

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15 Wardrobe Swaps To Make Right Now

Out with the old, in with the new — there’s a reason that saying has been around forever. At the start of the season, it’s easy to want to follow that mindset and stock up on everything fast-fashion stores are pushing: Slouchy boots! Camel coats! All the striped knits you could possibly ever want! But not so fast. In order to make room — both literally and figuratively — for some fresh and exciting pieces, you’ll need to strategize, rather than jumping on all of the trends.

While we wish we could just add, add, add to our wardrobe all the time, there definitely has to be some give and take when shopping for fall and winter — and we suggest starting with the suggestions ahead. Nothing against you, sweater dresses and all-black everything, but we’re heading in a new direction this year; we’re packing up some of our tired-out essentials and adding in some fresher pieces. Here’s 15 closet swaps worth making this season.

Out with… Cropped pea coats
In with… Longline blazers

Cropped coats have had their time spotlight, but extra-long (and extra-thick) blazers are taking their place. This style’s heavy and structured enough for transitional temperatures — and the very cold ones, too.

Pixie Market, $284, available at Pixie Market

Out with… Floral frocks
In with… Layerable dresses in fresh prints

A mini wrap dress like this one can be styled on its own or can be worn over tights and a turtleneck. Plus, this galaxy print is a welcome replacement for the usual florals.

Rixo London, $330, available at Net-A-Porter

— PAID —

Out with… Mule sneakers
In with… Sporty sneakers

Backless kicks had their moment in fall, but now that the temps are dropping (and fast), we’re back to our tried-and-true sporty sneakers — this year, in a bold, eye-catching color.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Sneakers in Lush with Silver Mink, $79.99, available at New Balance.

Out with… Your go-to tee
In with… Your go-to turtleneck

They’re an integral part of the fall and winter uniform, so invest in some super-soft turtlenecks that won’t leave your body the next couple of months.

Kotn, $45, available at Kotn

Out with… Pajama-inspired pants
In with… Velvet bottoms

Equally as cozy, two times more elevated. We’re ready to move on from the pajama-on-the-street trend, and these are a nice substitute.

Mango, $99.99, available at Mango

Out with… Cold-weather grays and blacks
In with… All the bright colors

Don’t default to the same colorless palette you do every year. This season, it’s all about brights for winter, from oranges and yellows to royal blues and kelly greens.

H&M, $79.98, available at H&M

Out with… Boyfriend jeans
In with… Oversized corduroys

Same off-duty feel, but way more seasonal. We’re pretty stoked about the corduroy comeback, and you should be too.

Ganni, $235, available at Need Supply Co

Out with… Paperboy caps
In with… Modern berets

Paperboy caps may not have been for everyone, but we say berets are universally flattering. Plus, they’re totally having a moment.

Urban Outfitters, $29, available at Urban Outfitters

Out with… Matching sets
In with… Monochromatic suits

All-red outfits are everywhere we look. Replace the matching set you’ve been wearing all summer long for a more sophisticated (and seasonally appropriate) suit that can be dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with earrings and platforms.

Topshop, $153, available at Topshop

Out with… Ankle boots
In with… Tight, over-the-knee ones

Zara is really pushing the sock boot this season — especially the tall versions. And you just might be surprised by how good they look.

Zara, $79.9, available at Zara

Out with… High-waisted
In withUltra high-waisted

You’ve got high-waisted down pat. Take it to the next level with some rib-brushing, ultra high-waisted trousers that are ideal for tucking all of your long-sleeve tops into.

The Frankie Shop, $129, available at The Frankie Shop

Out with… Sad sweater dresses
In with… Deconstructed hoodie dresses

That sweater dress you’ve had since college? Ditch any that are frumpy or pilled for a cooler hoodie-sweater hybrid that can be styled with thigh-high boots or layered over a pair of leggings or jeans.

Aritzia, $165, available at Aritzia

Out with… Saddle bags
In with… Structural crossbodys

Tie all of your sweaters and jeans together with a minimalist, structural purse that’s more polished and unexpected than the classic saddle-shape.

Heirloom Bags, $280, available at Heirloom Bags

Out with… Khaki trousers
In with… Fresh work pants

Cropped, flattering, and perfectly fitted, it’s time to swap out any poorly-cut pants you may have and replace them with some equally as functional and fashionable trousers.

Reformation, $178, available at Reformation

Out with… Open-knits
In with… Cableknits

Start scoping out the market for the heavier, chunky sweaters that be your best friend come winter — and a timeless staple for years to come.

Solo Six, $378, available at Solo Six

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