The Eternally-Cool '70s Hairstyles We Still Can't Get Enough Of

It’s been almost four decades since the defining ’70s hotspot Studio 54 closed its doors with a final blowout party in February 1980. The fête marked the end of the decade of sex, drugs, glitz, and glamour. To wit: While the beloved dance club reopened for several years in the ‘80s, it just wasn’t the same.

But no matter how many years have passed, there’s one carryover from the time that we’ll never let go of: ‘70s hairstyles. Feathered, flat-ironed, or big, glorious Afros, there’s no expiration date on really, really groovy hair.

“The ‘70s were really all about four distinct personalities,” says celebrity hairstylist and colorist Harry Josh, who we consulted to help us figure out how to translate our most-loved looks into modern life not just for Halloween, but for every day. “It was either bohemian straight, punk, sex bomb, or disco.”

Whether you see yourself as a chic hippie with long, straight hair parted down the center, the halo-like curls of a disco queen, or the choppy, undone layers of rock ’n’ roll, cop these looks inspired by our favorite icons of the age and you’ll be ready to boogie all night long.

This story was originally published on February 1, 2014.

Debbie Harry
The unrivaled princess of punk, Blondie’s frontwoman gave the band its name from the nickname she’d acquired from her two-tone platinum dye job. Bright blonde in front, but brown in the back — all because she couldn’t reach that part of her hair. “All the breakage is what makes it look cool,” says Josh. “Most girls with platinum hair can attest to the chemical haircut: It creates a halo of rock ‘n’ roll layers that are broken and torn.”

Photo: Courtesy of Chrysalis Records.

We simply can’t recommend frying your hair with chemicals just to get Harry’s unfussy layers — haircuts are so much easier (and less damaging) in the long run. Next time you go to the salon, request plenty of varied layers worked in to your cut, and don’t leave without a bottle of volumizing spray. Aim it directly at the roots, then use your fingers to tousle your hair haphazardly into Harry’s amped-up, CBGB-approved ‘do.

IGK, $29, available at Sephora

Diana Ross
Otherwise known as “The Boss,” the former Supreme rocked a multitude of looks throughout the era. We’re especially captivated by the curls in this photo, which could evolve into an even better hair day for over a week. “Since this type of hair never gets oily, you could go up to 10 full days without messing with it,” he says. “The style would just evolve as the curls loosened and the shape evolved every day.” A style that actually gets better over a week? Sold.

Photo: Ernest Allen/Associated /REX USA.

Small-barrel curling irons like this one can be used to either create a voluminous, curly style, such as Diana’s, or to perfect the curls of an already-coiled ‘do. Josh advises drying hair with a diffuser to keep natural volume at the roots, then use a curling iron on 1/2″ to 1″ sections, winding each piece tightly around the barrel. Next, slide the barrel out to keep the curl intact. Repeat until your entire head is done, then shape the style with your fingers — no finishing spray needed.

Remington, $24.99, available at Ulta Beauty

Jerry Hall
The Texan supermodel has a legendary mane — to say the least. “She was famous for never cutting layers into her hair,” says Josh. Yep, folks, that shape is all just regular end trims, no advanced techniques necessary. Let us feast upon its magnificent glow.


In order to get Hall’s halo of hallowed strands, you’ll need a loving hair-care routine and a hair dryer with enough chutzpah to kick up the volume. This powerful dryer can give you sleek strands or serious lift with just a flick of its ion switch.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000, $250, available at Hair Envy.

Harry Josh Pro Tools, $300, available at Hair Envy

Farrah Fawcett
Here it is: The ’70s style that launched a million posters and inspired a decade (decades?) of copycats. The Charlie’s Angels star’s flipped-out style was made even more marvelous by her own natural texture. “Her hair was actually curly, and the look was achieved by this very thick, layered cut coupled with blowing and curling her hair away from her face,” says Josh.

Photo: Rex USA.

The technique of getting Fawcett’s sexy ’70s volume is to add as much air to the root as possible and keep it there. In order to get the-higher-the-hair-the-closer-to-God lift, go for a lightweight (yet potent) mousse to help those roots reach for the sky. Farrah’s voluminous curls were a success because her hair was naturally curly: Blow your hair out with a round brush, then bump the hair from mid-lengths to ends with a large-barrel curling iron, or ribbon curl your strands with a flat iron. Just be sure to curl away from the face: It’s the key to this sex-bomb style.

Living Proof, $27, available at Sephora

The TV singing-and-comedy sensation’s hair was famously achieved by rather drastic measures. “She used to actually iron her hair on an ironing board to get it that straight and smooth,” Josh says. Fortunately, we now have actual flat irons for that — but talk about dedication.


In the age of blowouts and flat irons, we all know how to achieve smooth Cher hair — the trick is keeping it that way. Josh advises giving your ‘do a shot of a heat-activated straightening spray. “The spray is activated by the heat of the flat iron to actually seal in the straight style,” advises Josh. Three days of sleek strands? Um, yes, please.

John Frieda, $9.99, available at Ulta Beauty

Pam Grier
One of the most influential actresses of her time, the ’70s action star brought Black Power to the cinema and further punctuated women’s claim to their own unrelaxed, natural beauty. Right on.

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX USA.

“The key is in the haircut,” advises Josh. “With unrelaxed, completely natural hair, you want a cut that’s completely round with no angles so you can pull it out into a rounded shape.” Girls with natural curls also know hydration is key to maintaining a perfectly foxy texture, which is easily achieved with a moisturizing hair oil to keep hair supple and healthy.

Carol’s Daughter, $10, available at Target

Bianca Jagger
Bianca Jagger, the Nicaraguan beauty-turned-jet-setting style icon, remained famous long after her famous Stone (Mick, of course) had rolled on. The woman rode into her Studio 54 birthday party on a white horse like Lady Godiva, for disco’s sake. We still want to be her.

Photo: Paul Fievez/Associated N/REX USA.

If your hair wants its own Studio 54 nightlife look, go for ample volume at the roots and a gorgeous blown-back blowout for hair with moves like Jagger’s. “Bianca’s hair was always very styled, very glamorous. A good volumizing product sprayed into the hair will prep the look, then blow the hair backward with a round brush for weightless body,” advises Josh.

Christophe Robin, $39, available at Sephora

Donna Summer
The disco queen had hair for days — and the original “Bad Girl” owes her gorgeous mane to layers of nighttime-lovin’ lift. “Curly girls can add lots of layers around their face to get this style, so the curls stack in a different way [rather] than just straight out or vertically,” advises Josh.

Photo: Courtesy of Casablanca Records.

In order to boogie down without worrying about your ‘do, be sure to hydrate your coiled style with a curl cream that loads them with hydrating goodness while it seals in the shape. This one should do the trick.

Moroccanoil, $34, available at Moroccanoil

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LeBron James As Pennywise Is Making Me Say, "Not Today, Satan"

Cannot unsee.

You know the drill: This is LeBron James, the NBA superstar.

You know the drill: This is LeBron James, the NBA superstar.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

And this is Pennywise, the killer clown from the very popular movie It.

And this is Pennywise, the killer clown from the very popular movie It.

Warner Bros.

This year, we’ve seen a bunch of Pennywise costumes for Halloween. But I promise you, no one has gone as far as LeBron because this photo is a straight-up manifestation of my nightmares.



Umm, so I applaud you, LeBron, for your dedication to all of this. But also, thanks for ruining my dreams for the next 60 years.

Instagram: @kingjames


Get On Your Dancing Shoes: Party Season's Prettiest Footwear

Party season is upon us, which means it’s time to bring out your dancing shoes. Boots may be the most important purchase of fall/winter, but there’s still plenty of fancy footwear thanks to the fall ’17 collections.

Miu Miu’s Mary Janes — complete with faux fur and gem-encrusted buckles — made a case for maximalism, while Céline’s gold point-toe kitten heels were ideal for hitting busting a move. Isabel Marant paired her stilettos’ sparkly bows with glitter-laden socks, Dries Van Noten championed showstoppers in green and mustard velvet with perspex heels, Saint Laurent debuted the Rihanna-approved Swarovski crystal slouch boots, which gave us plenty of reasons to embrace shimmer and shine, and Marni and Prada played with textures.

Whether you reach platformed heights or kitten-heeled lows, the colors, fabrics, and embellishments of the season are just another reason to follow the call of the disco ball.
Here’s all the shiny, shimmery shoes we’ll be wearing now through New Year’s Eve.

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3 Workout Looks That'll Make You Break Up With Black Leggings

Style Stalking: Gymnast

If you think sweaters and turtlenecks are the only thing we’re piling on this season, think again. This fall, we’re bringing the layered look to our workout gear, too — as in, not just the standard spandex and crop top duo. To show you how it’s done, we partnered with Under Armour to tap gymnast and former New York State champ Lindsay Heney to show off her fiercest moves in unexpected looks (think: wearing bright-colored leggings under neutral sweatpants or pairing a maroon sports bra with a tied-up tank). Watch her #fitspo video above, and read on for her tips on staying in top condition year-round, below.

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.
Under Armour apparel and shoes.

How do you find time to work out so consistently?

“It’s an ongoing challenge to try to keep a healthy balance. I used to coach gymnastics, so it was easy to play around on the equipment on a weekly basis. Now I bring friends to a lot of fitness events I’m invited to because I like to make fitness a social thing. It’s always fun and I push myself more.”

What do you consider when choosing workout wear?

“If I know I’ll be squatting or if it’s leg day, high-waisted leggings are a must. Beyond that, I love a good matching set. Sometimes I’ll throw on a cropped T-shirt too.”

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.
Under Armour apparel and shoes.

Do you have any favorite warm-up routines or cool-down stretches that everyone should try?

“Before I roll out and cool down, I like to hold a plank until fail. Your body is already tired at this point and your abs burn. For cool-down stretching, I love to incorporate seal and cat stretches to keep back flexibility.”

What’s your favorite refuel snack or beverage?

“I recently went paleo, so my go-to pre-workout bars are RXBARs, Lara bars, or Go Macro bars. As far as a beverage, I really like to have a protein smoothie after working out. It’s usually packed with blueberries, spinach, pineapple, vegan vanilla protein, almond milk, and ice — it tastes like dessert.”

Photographed by Jacqueline Harriet.
Under Armour apparel and shoes.

How do you know when your body needs rest from working out?

“It’s all about listening to your body and being intuitive. For me, feeling sore after a workout is a great feeling because I know I worked hard and my body is responding. If you do heavy workouts a few days in a row, though, your body will start compensating by using the wrong muscles, which can then cause an injury. I like to switch between high- and low-intensity workouts, so my body has time to recover. For example, if I lifted weights on Monday, I’ll do a yoga class and some low-intensity cardio on Tuesday.”

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Jennifer Lopez Was On Halloween Makeup Duty This Year

Being a parent on Halloween means one thing: costume (and most likely, face painting) duty. Whether you’re a celeb parent being forced to dress up like your child’s favorite Disney character or you have to take off of work to escort your little one trick-or-treating, it’s safe to say the holiday changes once you have a kid. And in the case of Jennifer Lopez, she has become quite the makeup artist when it comes to her daughter.

Mamá makeup duties…#happyhalloween🎃👻

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on


The singer/actress posted to her Instagram account a photo of her new SFX duties for 9-year-old daughter Emme Maribel Muñiz. Showcasing the inner workings of the life of any parent during the ghoulish festivities, her caption says it all: “Mamá makeup duties…#happyhalloween� ���..”

Baymax And A Pretty Lil Fox #happyhalloween🎃👻

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on


Lopez’s children both dressed up for the night — her son rocking a Baymax costume and Emme portraying a “pretty lil fox” — but there’s no photographic proof that the “Ni Tú Ni Yo” singer and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez brought out a couples costume this year. Regardless, that didn’t stop the couple from opening up about their public relationship in the December issue of Vanity Fair.

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5 Days Of DIY Halloween Makeup

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How To Pick Out The Best Sneakers For Your Jeans

Denim and sneakers: two of our favorite things in this world. Denim and sneakers together? Easily one of our top five pairings in this world. But just because we love them individually doesn’t mean they always work well together. In fact, styling the two is a little more nuanced than we would imagine. While we stand by wearing whatever the hell you’re happiest in at the end of the day, some pairings tend to look better than others — where kick-flare jeans and a classic pair of Adidas Superstars are a dream team, wide-legged and looser-fitting pants need a little more consideration.

The denim and sneaker pairings ahead are gateway considerations to help you towards the right combination. Once you’ve conquered these, you’ll be a pro at mixing and matching until you find duos that best reflect your own personal style. Easy does it.

Denim Style: Boyfriend
Sneaker Style: Casual

Boyfriend jeans fall right in between a skinny jean and a fully relaxed fit. The fit is about as casual as it gets. That semi-level of structure pairs best with a classic and casual sneaker — think rounded toe caps, low-top, and laced-up.

PAIGE, $209, available at PAIGE

Denim Style: Straight Leg/Boot-Cut
Sneaker Style: Slip-On

A straight-cut jean typically gravitates towards a mule or a sandal, so when sticking with sneakers, a slip-on is an ideal replacement. It’s a slim silhouette and lacks any bulk around the ankle, so you won’t have to worry about any bunching around the hem.

Reformation, $128, available at Reformation

Denim Style: Vintage Fit
Sneaker Style: Vintage Sporty

The term “vintage fit jeans” is about as vague as it gets. While the actual cut and hem vary across brands, you can usually expect a high-waist, a cropped, straight hem, and some sag behind the knee. There’s something a bit classic and a bit throwback about them in appearance, so go with the flow and pick out a pair of “vintage” sporty-vibe sneakers (read: anything that looks like the kids from Stranger Things would stock in their closets).

H&M, $54.99, available at H&M

Denim Style: Mom Jean
Sneaker Style: Classic High-Top

Ah, the mom jean. A staple in almost every millennial’s (and their mother’s) wardrobe. The short of this is that just about every sneaker looks good with this pant. But if you really need a direct pick, we’d choose a classic high-top. Since a mom jean tends to be cropped or cuffed, it allows a high-top more visibility. Plus, it adds to the throwback vibe of the jean.

Topshop, $70, available at Topshop

Denim Style: Culottes
Sneaker Style: The “It” Fashion Shoe

The “fashion” pant deserves its proper counterpart. A wide-leg crop or culotte leaves a lot of open space to play. Since your sneakers can be front and center, this is the time to wear your most stand-out piece. You can play it safe with the industry starlet of choice, Vans, or go all out by highlighting a luxury athleisure pair.

Madewell, $128, available at Madewell

Denim Style: Kick-Flare
Sneaker Style: Platform

Come fall, we’re accustomed to pairing a kick-flare with mid-ankle booties and calling it a day. To get a similar effect with sneakers, opt for a platform to give you a little lift and keep that elongated length.

Zara, $69.9, available at Zara

Denim Style: Skinny
Sneaker Style: Athleisure Trainer

This ubiquitous denim style is another that falls under the umbrella that at the end of the day, anything goes. But its skin-tight fit is reminiscent of leggings so it’s unsurprising the athleisure trainer takes the cake here. Stick with slimmer silhouettes for a sleeker look.

Joe’s Jeans, $168, available at Joe’s Jeans

Denim Style: Wide-Leg
Sneaker Style: Classic Low-Top

Since a wide-leg pant usually covers most of your sneaker, go with the ultimate classic: a lace-up low-top. For a little extra character, ditch your white sneakers in favor of a solid-but-bold colorway.

Rachel Comey, $345, available at

Denim Style: Relaxed Fit
Sneaker Style: Velcro

While a relaxed fit isn’t boring by any means, it is more toned down than most. To appease its classic and minimalist vibe, a fun finish like velcro straps make for the perfect pairing.

Talula/AGOLDE, $188, available at Aritzia

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You'll Never Be Able To Unsee Kathie Lee Gifford As Miley Cyrus In "Wrecking Ball"

Don’t believe me? Just click.

It’s Halloween on the TODAY show, and this year Kathie Lee and Hoda played it safe by going as Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton.

It's Halloween on the TODAY show, and this year Kathie Lee and Hoda played it safe by going as Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton.





During the 4th hour of TODAY, Kathie Lee revealed a bonus to her present-day Miley costume: a video of KLG as 2013 “Wrecking Ball” era Miley.

During the 4th hour of TODAY, Kathie Lee revealed a bonus to her present-day Miley costume: a video of KLG as 2013 "Wrecking Ball" era Miley.


To be honest?

To be honest?


I see no differences here!

I see no differences here!

RCA / Via

Well done, Kathie Lee! Queen of Miley Cyrus cosplay!

Well done, Kathie Lee! Queen of Miley Cyrus cosplay!


And Happy Halloween, everyone!

And Happy Halloween, everyone!