12 Times Celebrities Made Us LOL Wearing Self-Referential Clothing

What’s more awe-inducing than seeing an A-lister in the flesh? Seeing an A-lister step out with total awareness of who they are and the awe they are likely to strike. Celebrities do this is in many ways–civilian photo bombs, shout-outs to their followers, strange public declarations … But the most jarring and hilarious of all is when stars use fashion as their platform.

Whether reminding the public of their names, promoting their own line, or just making an amazing joke, we are obsessed with these celebrity displays of self-awareness.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite stars literally wearing their personal brand on their sleeve. From Kylie Jenner to James Franco, we just can’t get enough of these celebs’ personalized sartorial statements.

Want to jump aboard the name train? Start with a classic monogram.

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A note to our famous friends: never change.

Source: http://www.instyle.com/feeds/yahoo/ins.rss/galleries/10

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